• NAMASTE EVERYONE!!! THIS IS A MUST READ!!! PLEASE! This sums up the truth of our situation in one of THE most eloquent ways I've read yet. https://tiffanyfitzhenry.com/2018/09/05/coming-disclosures-a-letter-to-my-family-friends-and-neighbors/
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  • Any friends going this year??? I's love to meet you and connect naturally ! It's going to be great!
    ECETI 2018 Conference
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  • I posted a great Destroying The Illusion vid before this post here...you might also want to check out this vid dropped by "Q" (post #1366 qanon.pub) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi9CQHVDg8E&feature=youtu.be , then watch Jordan Sather's YT vid dated 05/15. My whole post here is because of this whole thing of Q calling out Dr. Jerome Corsi and AJ Info Wars....I have my side of it too...as follows...and not that anyone cares but I'm doing a detox and feel like writing to keep my mind distracted for the moment. If you think I'm whacked, that's ok, you're probably right...Freedom of speech and all. You don't have to read a word. I doubt anyone will anyway.

    So, back in Feb. I was sitting at home with 2 broken ribs and going waaaay down the "Q Hole" (trying hard to distract myself from the pain and inability to sleep) and was making some really great connections (LOVE puzzles) that I was convinced to be correct, "future proves the past", so with my little collection of connections I went to #WeThePeople Live w/Dr. Corsi to share it and got continually frustrated because it was so obvious Corsi was missing great and very astute comments from the people while also ignoring and skimming over extremely important things being stated/asked by Q in the drops he was "analyzing"...other's on the discord were trying to tell him things as well getting no attention from him either. AND when he did acknowledge someone it was a comment of no importance and only resulted in a long drawn out story from Corsi that had no ties to the subject at hand, only about Corsi himself, all the while spot on comments were flying by without any of the mod's or himself bringing them to attention. Everyone could see he was reading the discord comments and questions because he told us and you could see him staring endlessly at the screen with long silences while he read...sooooo, get the picture yet?. I really started my suspicions of things and about him...had already been having suspicions about Alex Jones way before 02/18, just hadn't payed much attention to Corsi until he got involved with "Q".

    Also, since Christmas, Jones was touting he knew who Q was and alluding to the fact it was Zach and/or other's within his plethora of "high level insiders". So in listening to Alex I discovered many things he said were contradictory and mostly self aggrandizing (as usual) and just didn't add up for me, especially with all the research I and thousands of others have been doing.....Discernment/intuition...you know.

    So, in being in pain (making me a bit aggressive and impatient) and way down the Rabbit Hole I went to the biggest followers of "Q" I could find (public ones), tried to contact the 8chan mod's and some anon's to let then know my findings as well as the pretty accurate findings, IMO, of others that were not being recognized and tried to appeal to them.

    It was so frustrating watching Corsi and other's going all over the place, missing the bull's eye by miles and convincing people they knew the answers. I felt it was important that we stayed on track and filter the disinformation so "new comers"/"normies" wouldn't be led down a dead end or made to believe "fake news"...gosh it was crazy!

    Anyway the point is is I got a lot of flack, yelled at and even got temporarily banned from commenting on certain discords and even ignored by some really smart people out there. I thought it was me after awhile. I thought I was missing the mark. I convinced myself (for a minute) I was wrong and I was the dufus because of my personal situation possibly making mentally challenged, but, I just kept having this intuition that something just wasn't right about the great and wonderful Dr. Corsi or Jones and a few others I won't mention. I won't go into the long story of who, what, when and where's of all the information, connections and facts I had and how things those guys were saying just wasn't adding up simply because it would take a huge blog and I'm already getting far too wordy as it is here. But trust me. When I put my nose to the grindstone and dig, when I use my intuition and logic, I can usually hit the nail on the head just about every time. I play chess well, love a good puzzle and have known throughout this whole new presidency and political game starting way back that things were getting very serious. I have known, like all of you, that we are in amazing times in earth's history and that the world was and is definitely now, waking up! What was hidden is now being revealed...the veil is being lifted.

    I started paying VERY close attention, closer attention than I ever had before. Though my eye has always been keeping close tabs to all worldly matters since I was a kid, since JFK was shot even though I was only 3yrs old at the time, I remember it well. I was also raised in D.C. so you're kind of "in it" up to your ears constantly anyway living there.

    I have also always been very spiritually attuned and realized everything, all of this from the beginning of time part of the whole picture we are seeing now. Just look what's happening! Think of the Roman Empire...anyway, just noticed of late, even today, I got a couple of messages and some head nods in different SM's from some very surprising people acknowledging the messages and information I had sent them or posted publicly way back regarding all of this and some of my findings. I wasn't waiting for it. I let it go after I was bashed so bad, especially when I finally starting seeing others getting through to everyone (well not everyone as we all know) BECAUSE, it doesn't matter who figures this stuff out, it matters that it WAS and that that accurate info is disseminated to the public, right? Also, I was at a point I could no longer spend the time "white boarding" for various reasons and could only just keep up with posts and follow a few really good people on vid's. I had to get back to some serious healing focusing on the holistic and spiritual. I couldn't be sucked in so deep I wasn't keeping balance.

    But I just find it ironic that "Q" started saying "be careful who you follow" and it's led to all this. There's more of course so if you follow, you get that.

    I guess I'm feeling the relief and satisfaction of validation. I'm sure my ego plays a part but not that much at all really. It's the validation yes but it's much more about a lesson in discernment and how easily we can get led astray from what's true and what is not and how we should stick with our intuitions and be cautious of trusting those that keep making us "feel" uneasy or uncomfortable or things or situations of whatever form that just do not feel right, look right or sound right.

    I have listened to AJ off and on for a long time and I do believe there was a time when he was really on it and a great mouth for the truth as best he could discover (which was pretty accurate stuff there for a long while), but I think "I THINK" (just my OPINION), that he and many other's were compromised at a specific times by the Deep State and that NO ONE is infallible or so powerful that they can't be twisted or bent or molded a little or a lot by this Cabal that's been holding the puppet strings for years longer than we've been alive. This to me is validation, though small, for those that will at least consider it for a moment that not everything is JUST a "conspiracy THEORY" just because those in power or in the public eye (hence FAKE NEWS MEDIA) say it is...you have to consider EVERYTHING! You have to look at all sides and LEARN using all the abilities we've been tricked into believing we do not have to discern what is true or not and how people, things and situations can turn at any given moment. AWARENESS IS KEY! Dig deep, open a book, go down a "Rabbit Hole" or two. QUESTION EVERYTHING and everyone!

    We need to go deep into ourselves, we need to stay in touch or GET in touch with our higher selves and know that THE ONLY TRUTH IS LOVE and with faith in Love it will lead us to the truth...does that make sense in context to all of this? I just feel we need to be right with the Universe. That aiming high for the good and health and welfare of all (INCLUDING MOTHER EARTH) will never lead us down the dark path other's in this world have done. It's time we started calling BULL**** on all the liars and tricksters out there, we need to call out the people who've allowed themselves to be compromised so much so that they would put their lives and our lives and the freedom of the good people of this planet earth in harms way. WWG1WGA is simply saying the collective consciousness IS the guiding power and the power is US!! Choose Love!
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  • FOR "PATRIOTS"....GREAT VID BY JORDAN!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWhpDyoLyR8&t=48s
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  • i found I had posted this about 4yrs ago on FB...something a Native American soul told me in a Barnes & Noble...had to write it down. Someone told me it's an authentic Hopi prophecy but worded slightly different. If anyone knows this, please let me know....

    The Prophecy of the Hopi Elders:

    Here is a river flowing now very fast.
    It is so great and swift,
    that there are those who will be afraid,
    who will try to hold on to the shore,
    they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.
    Know that the river has its destination.
    The elders say we must let go of the shore,

    push off into the middle of the river,
    and keep our heads above water.
    And I say see who is there with you and celebrate.
    At this time in history we are to take nothing personally,
    least of all ourselves, for the moment we do,
    our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt.
    The time of the lone wolf is over.
    Gather yourselves.
    Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.

    All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
    For we are the ones we have been waiting for.
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  • I am soooooo with this! Please take a listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5rAYH0AUu0&t=841s
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  • https://galacticconnection.com/the-un-is-behind-the-deadly-5g-rollout-in-america/
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  • This may sound hokey to some but the first individual Allison is talking about sent me into tears...I KNOW this place because I have had visions, if not memories of this very place in every detail. Maybe it's wishful thinking but I do not "feel" this is that. This is so real to me. I also want to mention I have had the vision of this place since childhood. I would lay in the grass staring into the sky or be sitting in trees in the woods and imagined this place so wonderful, many times it just came as a memory. Everytime I look on this earth I get so sad because this I know is where we are to be, where I feel I was from or something very similar. I am not exactly sure of how I look though I had a vision at one time of standing naked on my tiptoes, arms lifted long hair blowing in what I called a solar wind and I was facing a very soothing giant glow like the sun...at that point in my vision, I knew it was like I was readying myself to go, maybe like a portal. I am in tears and filled with overwhelming love...so this is the video I heard this on. I do love Allison Coe. The positivity, the LOVE is EXACTLY where my soul longs for. I dream it, I see it in meditation (especially while sitting on this earth when in nature or sitting on a beach staring out into the ocean. I had to write about this because it is SOOO profound within my soul. I was so excited and so comforted by hearing another having this vision of our new reality, that is some of us. I pray this is all true. I FEEL it's so like a knowing. Again maybe wishful thinking but I ask myself then why do I feel it's complete importance, why do I have a knowing that this is truth. Decide for yourself if you too connect with this. I have so longed to meet my family. I was not brought up with my true family. I have met them occasionally and but it always seemed, here we only touched base. We KNEW we have known each other somewhere. We wanted to cling to each other but life here on this world keeps us apart. I sometimes see blue light beings. I have also had a guide/father/teacher during times out of body. This being is the most loving and compassionate being I have ever experienced. Thank you for listening and I do hope you check out the video to see if you connect to this or any of the others. BTW, this is involving the NEW EARTH. Blessing in the love and light of the one infinite creator ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5rAYH0AUu0&t=67s:star2:
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  • Anyone else seem to have a combination that fluctuates depending on the situation, or sometimes having some or most at the same time?? If so, I'd like to talk to you...it's been a difficult road. Blessing https://curiousmindmagazine.com/6-main-types-empaths-find-one-can-make-gift/
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