I enjoy teaching those who are just waking up, and those that are just on the cusp of waking up from their sleepwalk dance we have all been programmed and lulled into, how to take back their power. I guess I am a bit of a Psychonaut. However I do not like labeling myself. I believe the moment we label ourselves as this or that, we are limiting ourselves and our thoughts. And in this Orwellian nightmare we call the World today, the beurocrats are just craving to label you, pidgeon hole you, quantify you so they can "understand you". I just like to keep em all guessing. Fluidity of mind...of thought is something that I pride myself on. I am very introspective, so I spend as much time inside my head analyzing my subjective reality as I do in objective reality. Trying to expand my empathic gifts. Always seeking to go deeper, to confront my shadow, to strengthen and expand my awareness and seeing how far I can reach out. Trying to expand on it into other areas. Things I was aware of as a child but like so many, I was conditioned to ignore them. I was just daydreaming they told me. I am basically just on the eternal quest to become one with The Force. "It's only when we seek out the darkness that we ultimately discover our light" -Thoth "It's only when we have lost everything that one can truly experience anything" -Chuck Palahnuik Fight Club True balance comes not when we are equal parts light and dark, or chaos and order. True balance is when all is in order, and yet you still have one foot planted in Choas. Or when all is seemingly engulfed in darkness, and yet you still have one foot firmly planted in the light. As we see in the yin and yang, it is never wise to fully give yourself to one side or to the other. Because that is zealotry. And that is when one becomes blind to any other way. Nothing is ever truly black and white. Every single experience, every circumstance that is simultaneously occuring every single second in the entirety of what we refer to as "Reality" is made up of such an uncalculably vast number of variables that took place before and during... some of them happening simultaneously and in varying degrees, all of equal importance, and just so each instance could and would occur at precisely the right time and in precise order - All of them linging up I order for the next Major Happening to take place. And the Happening, for obvious reasons, is what everyone looks to and freaks out about, what everyone remembers and talks about for however long to come, or until the next big Happening occurs. Yet, nobody ever takes a moment to think about all the trillions of things that occured and all the variables that had to line up just right, most of them completely unconsidered as having an relevance. Some of those things being seemingly so arbitrary and meaningless on its own, that to see or think about just one might drive a person mad as they question why or what about that particular variable was so crucial that without it, the "event" might never had occurred at all? And yet by itself- utterly meaningless. It might have been something as innocous and puny as a bug that landed on your windshield while you were driving to said "event" and the insect distracted you just enough that you decided you would have to use your wipers to remove it. That one action caused you to slow down perhaps 2miles per hour for a few seconds while you hit the wiper switch, and then you began splitting your attention between driving and removing the debris. That couple of seconds caused someone to cut in front of you, causing you to miss the next traffic light. Or, it might have been a tall cargo van that cut you off, obstructing your vision just enough to not see the train coming that the cargo van sped up to cross the tracks. However by the time the van crossed and you saw the approaching train, too late... KA-BOOM. On and on these things occur, such seemingly insignificant things, things we take for granted... because why wouldn't we? So small, yet it had such an awesome impact to the whole. No thing ever "just happens". So it isn't such a bad idea to consider how strong each individual thing becomes when it is working as a whole. To consider the things that we never consider. To have respect for the sum of the whole, but also each individual thing on it's own. It can also be helpful when trying to figure out where ones own responsibility lies.
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