Logic and Truth, learn the truth and do the logical thing. The more you know the better your logic will be. Keep an open mind and use your own discernment.
  • "It is Happening", story from this morning...
    “It Is Happening!” Been awhile since I had anything to share here, but I’ve still been lurking. I wanted to share with my friends here on Onstellar a new happening.   I’ve had some interesting stories over the past couple years, some I have shared some I haven’t. This one I felt compelled to share and I would love your input, or if you had something similar...
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  • Mass Meditation, It Worked!
      Hello, friends known and unknown. I'm happy to be the first to share this article with you today. On January 21st, 12:11 am EST and around the world, peace-bringers, lightworkers, and the like joined together to anchor in light with a collective or mass meditation. The goal was to clear any remaining dark/cabal forces from the earth to usher in a new era of peace, light, and love. We...
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  • Beginers Guide To SEO; Hope it Helps Somebody!
    Hello Onsteller friends. I made this document a few years ago for a Moz.com blog submission, however, I never submitted for posting so it has never been published on the internet. That being said, I know there are a great many of you out there who are working on websites or marketing and may need a little help. As such this is the second article I've published here about Web Development with...
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  • Seeing Things With a New Perspective
    Seeing things from a new perspective   Have you ever re-watched a T.V show and see things in a completely different way in which you remember it? I’m sure we have all had this to some degree, like finding “Easter Eggs” or hearing a line in a show a new way, the type of line that once you hear it everything else is changed or put into a new perspective.   Lately,...
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  • Jon Lavine And The "Other" NASA
    Edit 12/23/18: Adding this link: https://twitter.com/Earthfiles/status/1076648586404941824 from Linda Molton Howe, no other changes where made to the original article. https://twitter.com/Earthfiles/status/1076648586404941824   Hello, my Onstellar friends. Did you know Jon LaVine has been with us working here, to tell the truth? Before I get into the meat of this article, I want to say...
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  • What is More Important Money Or The Message?
    I would like to open this up for some discussion. While I have my opening opinions which should become clear in this article, I am willing to adapt to a more universal sentiment if there is one. Specifically, I would like to talk about what money and making money in the UFO fields mean and how people come to terms with it on a community level.    This all started yesterday with an...
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  • Evil is the catalyst that wakes people up
    Evil is the catalyst that wakes people up. The deeds may be evil but the action is neutral. The personal intent maybe of malice but the cosmic intent supersedes the individual.   Coming to terms and accepting evil isn’t easy. It, however, must be viewed from a depth greater than that of the surface.   Doing evil or good is a free will choice; both serve the greater good in...
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  • No More Spam Calls Please; You Can Help!
      Hello friends. This isn't a typical post here but one that I think may bear some fruit. If you see that cover image I made you too may have had similar issues. So perhaps you may have a vested interest in what I'm trying to do here.   Most all of us I assume hate spam calls, I personally hate spam in general but that isn't the point. For the past few years, the amount of actual...
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  • Dianne Feinstein I can see the pain/fear
    Hello friends, I wonder if any of you know what is going on with Dianne Feinstein. It really seems like her world is crumbling in. This video shows her fighting back tears moments after she was given access to “some” of the files from the Kavanaugh FBI investigation. During this press conference, she took no questions, read a prepared statement and said she wasn’t given...
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  • Healed, Then Tested
    I am scribing this commentary on October 1st, 2018. This is 3 days after the evening of the healing event. Ideally, it may make more sense to transcribe the happenings on a day to day basis but on the 29th the day after there was a lesson for me to glean, had I written what was going on just after the original article it would be full of confusion and perhaps hypocrisy. Something inside me said...
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