• My Ebook, Infla-Menses, Is Now Available!
    My new ebook, Infla-Menses, is now available on Amazon Kindle! The app can be downloaded onto any device.    This book is for women who, as I once did, wonder what they're missing when it comes to achieving optimal health and a menstrual cycle that won't hold them back. It's also for women who know they deserve better than to "put up with it" every month (and then some!), whether...
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  • Saving the Bees with...Fungi?
    We need more than just awareness when it comes to colony collapse disorder, where a mass exodus of worker bees - either dying or escaping from infection - makes colonies no longer viable. What we need is solutions, and to act sooner rather than later. Since the 1970s, Paul Stamets has received 12 patents and written six books on the subject of fungi, and their seemingly endless list of...
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  • Five Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy
    It was once believed that brain regeneration was impossible, that injury, illness and age would always steal brain tissue and function away from us forever. This belief persisted throughout the 20th century, even after research in 1962 found that the brains of adult mammals could produce new cells. Now, with an increasing amount of research and books such as The End of Alzheimer’s and The...
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  • Using Neuroplasticity to Heal the Consequences of Stroke
    Allopathic medicine possesses amazing surgical skill, but patients who have suffered from stroke will find that they are lacking in the ability to help survivors heal, or at least teach their brains to rewire around damage. We only discovered that the brain could make new neurons in the 1990s (Doidge, 2015), and neuroregenerative therapies such as stem cell injections can still be prohibitively...
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  • No, Coconut Oil is not “Poison”
    Recently, a German professor stated in public that coconut oil is “pure poison”, claiming it to be worse than lard. Why? Because of its saturated fat content, which led her and other conventionally-minded people to downplay all of the research showing it to be beneficial. But is this really true – is saturated fat so terrible that we must ignore the studies in favour of...
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  • Tai Chi May Be An Accessible Regenerative Therapy
    With the documentary series The Healing Miracle: The Truth About Stem Cells recently finishing another free to air run, some of us may be wondering how we can use more traditional natural therapies to improve the efficacy of stem cells. Unfortunately, the stem cell conversation in Australia is very, very silent, but as these cells are healing our bodies all the time to at least some degree,...
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  • The Many Effects of Breathwork
    As a degree-qualified naturopath, we spent four years learning how to use the physical natural healing modalities, i.e. nutritional, herbal and lifestyle medicine. Besides the one subject on flower essence therapy, we did not cover energetic and spiritual therapies, which is why I am now learning about them and their antiaging, health-boosting effects. Recently, I experienced a group breathwork...
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  • Learning a Language May Win You Back Years
    Multilingualism can mean many things on a personal level, depending on who you ask. Some of us were made to sit through classes at school teaching secondary languages; some were taught by our parents to communicate with family; others chose or had to learn another language for travel, migration or career purposes; and yet more still simply learn for fun. I myself enjoy learning Spanish through...
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  • What is Shinrin-Yoku, or Forest Bathing?
    There is an internet meme that occasionally pops up in my social media newsfeeds, which describes a forest as an antidepressant and pharmaceutical medications as an expletive. Of course, this created a great deal of controversy, with “insightful” retaliations calling the original meme “ableist”. However, there is research showing that spending time in nature can have...
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  • Empowerment is Good for You!
    Despite relatively fast progress in liberation from hierarchies and restrictions based on gender, race and sexuality, there are still many people and systems that exist in the world which want to put us in “our place”. They want to make decisions for us, and they try to convince us that they know what’s best, and it’s “for our own good”. Some of the worst...
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