• The Paranoid UFO (day view only)
    Science vs. Ufology    Nuts and bolts vs. Phenomena    Experiencers vs. Researchers    Crazy vs. Sane    TTSA vs. History    Military vs. Political Them vs. Us Controllers vs. a Sane Healthy World The list is onerous and vast and goes on forever. It’s the way we freaking humans operate! Power. Power over. Nothing shared or...
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  • The Admiral Wilson Papers
    https://imgur.com/a/ggIFTfQ https://richarddolanmembers.com/articles/article-ufo-leak-of-the-century-richard-dolan-analyzes-the-admiral-wilson-leak/?mc_cid=9f468f6476&mc_eid=cd01059d95 https://youtu.be/Dk7wWp7iL60 IMO: in my opinion... This document, that Grant Cameron, Michael W. Hall, Richard Dolan and Jimmy Church have brought to light, if provenance can be proved, if actual...
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  • Just one more thing...
    I was listening to Jeffery Mishlove interview Dr. Joseph Burkes about his life experiences with what I can only call now,  phenomena, and it occurred to me that well…. Remember all the hype about project blue beam years ago? Well the technology has progressed way beyond that scenario into being able to project directly into a human mind. Who needs to produce the big, expensive...
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  • Modern Mystics: the Experiencer Scientists
    Mystic: ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense ‘mystical meaning’): from Old French mystique, or via Latin from Greek mustikos, from mustēs ‘initiated person’ from muein ‘close the eyes or lips’, also ‘initiate’. The current sense of the noun dates from the late 17th century. From mystes "one who has been initiated"   From...
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  • Billy Carson just fires my brain!!
      RE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsaKSnWotIYc Ep. 1023 FADE to BLACK w/ Billy Carson P3 : Time is an Illusion : LIVE   The Emerald tablets were Left Behind as a guideline for the teachers of the world to teach the people - they were never meant to be hidden or secret.   -me   Never..   We are allowed to know. In fact, we are encouraged, nay required to...
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  • Telepathy and Time and Questions
    Telepathy, being instantaneous, is too fast for a 3d brain and body to convert into a format that is understandable. You miss a lot in a body. It's almost like you have to have time to digest and decode what is telepathically sent in an instant. And yet, 90 % of what was conveyed in that instant is lost. Leaving the poor human brain going, "What?" because as the seconds march by it fades, it's...
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  • Song
    Because of this body and the soul that inhabits its chambers, because sound is slowed light, humans have a unique gift to give the universe in this particular frequency, that of the song of our souls. The song we make is the envisioning of our divine connection and as it goes out it ripples through space time cleansing, healing, envisioning, loving, longing, endlessly, caressing all that it...
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  • nonlocal
    Consciousness, all of it, is non local. Memory, cognition, learning, imagination, and emotion. What we have in a body is a finely tuned instrument through which to perceive a specific frequency range in minute detail. Talk about tools… This interview of Dr Monica Gagliano by Gordon White is a fine example of this. ] This week we welcome to the show Dr Monica Gagliano. Dr Gagliano is...
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  • https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_596fb782e4b04dcf308d29bb/amp
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