• PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN, AND SHARE: The Ancient Sacred site of Djaki Kundu, also known to many as the 'Gympie Pyramid' is under imminent threat of destruction by a Queensland government highway upgrade. Australian Laws prohibit the destruction of 'Aboriginal cultural heritage' but because the site takes the form of a stone 'terraced' hill. local authorities refuse to believe Kabi Elders that this ancient sacred site was built by their Ancestors. We are asking for help to fund legal action to obtain and injunction to prevent the site from being destroyed. Thank you.
    Click here to support Save Djaki Kundu (AKA the 'Gympie Pyramid'). organized by Kabi Guardians
    Djaki Kundu (Rocky Ridge in English), also referred to as 'the Gympie Pyramid' is threatened with destruction by government authorities, for a highway upgrade. The Kabi guardians of Djaki Kundu are appealing for urgent help to save an important piece of ancient history, that is of benefit to many...
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  • BUNYIPS - FIERCE WITH LONG CLAWS: 30,000 Years ago Marsupial Lions (Thylacoleo carnifex) roamed the continent now known as Australia: #AncientAustralia Colonial 'scientists' utilised the skills, knowledge and ancient stories of First Nation Peoples in order to identify what was referred to by some as the mysterious 'Bunyip'. Pete Minard, Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of the Inland at La Trobe University has written the following article:
    A history of the marsupial lion - with science, colonial politics and bunyips
    The 19th-century British anatomist Richard Owen downplayed the role of colonial contributors and largely ignored the importance of Aboriginal testimony and knowledge in describing the marsupial lion.
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  • OLDEST PEOPLES ON THE PLANET: #AncientAustralia For those who are unaware, The First Nation Peoples of the Great South Land have been recognised as the oldest peoples on the planet, with the support of DNA studies. So my question is, how does that fit into the (still frequently quoted as fact) 'Out of Africa' theory? https://www.history.com/news/dna-study-finds-aboriginal-australians-worlds-oldest-civilization
    DNA Study Finds Aboriginal Australians World’s Oldest Civilization
    An unprecedented DNA study has found evidence of a single human migration out of Africa and confirmed that Aboriginal Australians are the world’s oldest civilization.
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  • In 2016 on the ancestral lands of the Adnyamathanha, at Warratyi rock shelter in the Arid Flinders Ranges, Archaeologists found 50,000 year old remains of a sophisticated community which was abandoned about 10,000 years ago. The remains include a 38,000 year old bone tool, coloured pigments, and animal bones. Previous hypotheses of how humans colonised Australia and interacted with now-extinct megafauna, have been overturned by the archaeological finds: http://www.donsmaps.com/warratyi.html
    Warratyi Rock Shelter
    Warratyi Rock Shelter
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    Official propaganda regarding First Nation Peoples of the continent now known as Australia has changed over time. The latest public concession is that the continent WAS occupied by the Ancestors of the Peoples referred to today as 'Australian Aboriginals' at least as long ago as sixty five thousand years: https://theconversation.com/friday-essay-when-did-australias-human-history-begin-87251
    Friday essay: when did Australia’s human history begin?
    Over the past half century, Australia has experienced a 'time revolution' with Indigenous history pushed back into the dizzying expanse of deep time. The latest discovery reminds us that science, like history, is an ongoing inquiry.
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  • 230 MILLION YEAR OLD ROCKS ARE PART OF THE ADNYAMATHANHA YURA STORY OF YURLU THE KINGFISHER MAN. The ancient oral history regarding Yurlu the Kingfisher Man was passed down from the Ancestors of the Adnyamathanha Yura Peoples. It tells the story of the remains of an ancient fire which became rocks, that have been buried underground since ancient times. The Adnyamathanha Yura Peoples of today have inherited the knowledge of these rocks from their Ancestors, in the following story:

    Wardu, which means a very long time ago, Yurlu the Kingfisher Man lit a large signal fire. He did this to tell the Yura Miru Peoples at Ikara (the large central plain within Wilpena Pound), that he was coming to visit from the north. The coals of this fire became the coal deposit now mined at Leigh Creek. When Yurlu's fire burnt, the Kingfisher decided to cook mai (plant foods, damper) in the coals. Fire sticks and damper were the remains of the fire which were left behind by Yurlu. The Adnyamathanha people call the fire-sticks and damper Adla Widi Mai.

    The rocks pictured below in the enclosure, were mined from Adnyamathanha Yura sacred land, between 30 to 40 metres below ground, and are thought to be around 230 million years old. The Adnyamathanha Yura people of today knew of the presence of these rocks below ground, prior to them being 'discovered' and dug up. The Adnyamathanah Yura people recognise the pieces of fossilized wood as the fire-sticks used to start the signal fire, and the round rocks as the damper cooked in the fire by Yurlu.

    How could the Adnyamathanha Yura people know of the presence of these rocks, unless their Ancestors were living in this country before these rocks were buried? For how long have Original Peoples lived on the Australian continent?

    The ancient Adnyamathanha Yura oral history, and the photographs below, are reproduced by Ancient Australia with the permission of Virdianha Walha Udi Marvyn Frederick McKenzie, who also took the photographs.
    #AncientAustralia #Aboriginal #History #Ancient #Australia #Archaeology #FirstNations
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    A study from the Harvard Medical School authored by Reich Lab. postdoctoral researcher Pontus Skoglund, Genetics Professor David Reich of the Harvard Medical School, and their colleagues, have discovered that Suruí, Karitiana and Xavante peoples of the Amazon had a genetic ancestor, which is more closely related to indigenous Australasians than to any other present-day population. The researchers believe the ancestry is possibly as old as the First Americans: #jCp">https://phys.org/news/2015-07-genetic-link-indigenous-peoples-amazon.html#jCp #AncientAustralia
    Genetic studies link indigenous peoples in the Amazon and Australasia
    Native Americans living in the Amazon bear an unexpected genetic connection to indigenous people in Australasia, suggesting a previously unknown wave of migration to the Americas thousands of years ago, a new study has found.
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  • SEEDS BROUGHT BY THE GODS OF THE NORTH: DNA studies by Tasmanian Ecologist David Bowman led to the conclusion that the seeds of a Central Australian Cabbage Palm (Livistona mariae), were carried to an isolated central Australian valley in the Finke Gorge National Park, by humans around 30,000 years ago. This conclusion has been recently supported by oral traditions which have existed for up to $30,000 years and were recorded in 1824 by German anthropologist and missionary Carl Strehlow, describing the "gods from the north" bringing the seeds to Palm Valley:
    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-04-03/aboriginal-legend-palm-tree-origin-central-australia-research/6369832 #Ancient Australia
    Research findings back up Aboriginal legend on origin of palm trees
    Ecologist amazed an Aboriginal legend about the origin of the palm tree in Central Australia backs up his research.
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  • FIRST NATION TRIBES ACKNOWLEDGED TO HAVE INHABITED THE GREAT SOUTH LAND FOR LONGER THAN PREVIOUSLY RECOGNISED BY AUSTRALIAN AUTHORITIES: Associate Professor Chris Clarkson is the leader of a team of International Archaeologists who have scientifically dated artefacts found in a rock shelter in Kakadu National park which show that First Nation peoples have lived in Australia for a minimum of 65,000 years: https://www.smh.com.au/technology/aboriginal-archaeological-discovery-in-kakadu-rewrites-the-history-of-australia-20170719-gxe3qy.html #AncientAustralia
    Aboriginal archaeological discovery in Kakadu rewrites the history of Australia
    Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for a minimum of 65,000 years - 18,000 years longer than had been proved previously.
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  • EVIDENCE OF COMPLEX VILLAGES IN QUEENSLAND: The 'Australian Aboriginal hunter gatherer' myth is slowly eroding. Dr Michael Westaway of Griffith University is investigating skeletal remains and what appears to be large complex villages showing evidence of seed grinding and ceremonial sites on Mithaka Country: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-03/remote-outback-archaeology-project-unearths-new-stories/8578086 #AncientAustralia
    Archaeology project unearths new stories about early Aboriginal lives
    An archaeological discovery is raising questions around the idea that Indigenous groups were nomadic hunter gatherers.
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