The opposite of ignorance is truth. The single most important truth is who you are. I'm here to remind you, to point the way, to trigger and ignite the light with images and thoughts i post here. Indigenous Earthangel with strong star family connections.Tibetan & Egyptian overtones, and Teacher of many things, Drummer, Writer, Artist, Aromatherapist, Researching & Remembering Truths, Wayshower Home, Dreamweaver. Happy to connect and to be of service in the grand awakening and great remembering. Go Team Light.
  • Antahkarana - Embody Your Divine Self - What are you waiting for?
    The Antakharana is both a powerful symbol found in several ancient wisdom cultures used for meditative and healing purposes, and a rather rich teaching that explains how to be fully connected to both the core of the earth, our personality, our own Divine Self/Soul, and Divine Source.  It is an energetic rainbow bridge, a weaving of light energy encompassing the fullness of who we are. I...
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  • Egyptian Dreams - I am partly unearthed
    In the garden of my mind, only the capstone of the pyramid lay unearthed. As we approached we could see that it was only the tip of the iceberg. My daughter and I both bent down to touch its smooth tan surface and I felt electricity course thru my body. Our eyes lit up with the surprising power and magic. Sitting on the ground beside it, we instinctively removed our shoes and placed our bare...
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  • Standing At The Peak
    Standing at the peak, I look down and see many different paths leading up. Turning my gaze upward, I see the vast expanse of infinite sky. All work is finished. I rest my thought in eternal nothingness, as clear as the luminous blue sky, untainted by all delusions, may I, and all others, remain in this state, fully enlightened. –Marpa Lotsawa
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  • Step Outside the Box of Limitations
    Our belief systems both create and limit our world and experiences. As youngsters we are given beliefs from our parents, they get refined by societal and cultural systems set in place by those who came before, and many will never leave those boxes that they take on as their own. And then there is us, willing to step outside the box to embrace larger truths. I think it is contagious. Go team...
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  • The Sound
    Everything I am about to tell you is true. It may seem small in the scheme of things but it remains bizarre and unexplained, and i have a witness, lol.  It was a cold and rainy winter night. My husband was out of town and my young daughter had gone to bed. It was approaching midnite and I was sitting in the living room clicking away on the remote trying in vain to find a program of...
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  • STALKING THE LIGHT - The Importance of Owning Your Energy
    Stalking the Light - The Importance of Owning Your Energy   In this age of great distractions, whether it be outrageous political antics or fantastical extraterrestrial disclosures, or the exposure of rotten apples, those on the path of awakening, sensitives, and lightworkers must be on high alert to stay on course, carefully select where they are place their awareness, and how they...
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  • Mood. Every time I check into Onstellar, it's like going into a cave. I think it's the black background. But there are many voices, many tunnels in this cave for exploration. It seems that the vast majority of those online here are the movers and shakers, the technically brave haha, cutting edgers pushing the envelope into the new. I find the whole phenomena fascinating because it is at it's birth. It appears heavy on the truther-disclosure side, courtesy of fadernauts. And light on the spiritual unfoldment side. I will softly drum here and find kindreds who resonate with the love and beauty of Gaia, the call of our star heritage, and the cleaning of dust off our diamond selves. We find ourselves in this new place, feeling our way around and it's all good. If you bump into me, say hi, lol.
    Carry on fellow adventurers, heartlight.
    #onstellar #disclosure #spirituality #consciousness #awareness
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  • New Interview with Grant Cameron sharing latest info and his take on the overall phenemenon which i REALLY resonate with - its not physical, its consciousness. Also discusses about a project where researchers are studying people who have a specific DNA marker that comes from contact experience or have come in contact with ET technology. Fascinating.
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  • What Happens at Quantum Awakening?
     The reason I share the following excerpt from Ken Carey is because I have been taken into the future to see the absolute joy and celebration that happens after the awakening.  It keeps me going. May this give you hope and optimism to carry on as well. ~ An Tara.   ...So, what happens at Quantum Awakening?  “At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur...
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  • At this point in my journey, after exploring and soul searching on soooo many paths, sniffing for truth, for answers to the great mystery, what matters most now is invoking my divine self, lighting up and beaming it into the world. That's it. If I can join with kindreds to do that, there can be no higher service. I find so much light within and without that I look forward to sharing these aha's, these beautiful mirrors in whatever form they come with you - whether its images, words, dreams, teachings it matters not. Putting more light and love into the matrix, this momentary dream, via this new platform is what I commit to and why I am here. Infinite love, An Tara
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