Into everything under the sun…and over my head.
  • Retired: Feature Films/Special Effects, Now: Care Giving Volunteer/Stock & Cryptocurrency Trader at The Good Samaritan Society/And Online
  • Studied English Literature/Creative Writing, Business Psychology at Chemeketa College, Vincennes University, Indiana State University, School of Hard Knocks
    Class of The 1990's and beyond
  • Lives in Prescott, Arizona USA
  • From Walnut Creek, California USA
  • Male
  • Single
  • November 14, 1965
  • Followed by 2024 people
  • 30mins of Buddhism-"isms" toward peace of mind
    Jon Kabat-Zinn simplifies what can often be so difficult for us all. Enjoy! Thank you Jon, Emerson
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  • Attention fellow "OnStellians"
    Hello again you wonderfully brilliant OnStellians,   The intoxicating interaction of this new OnStellar community is extremely powerful! However, I wonder if we are all fully grasping the great possibilities forming here?   Ok...maybe I partied a bit too much last night for Cinco de Mayo at a local club? I had a pretty trippy OnStellar related dream early this morning that woke me...
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  • A Paranormal Street Art Mystery
      Maybe somebody can give me their perspective on something mysterious that happened to me well over 30 years ago. I think I "get it", but who knows? It's always good to get other people's views/ideas. I think OnStellar might be a good place to do this.   A bit of background first: (I promise you this has a supernatural/paranormal aspect...just hang in there a few minutes)  ...
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  • Out of Body & Coming Home to Love
      I have never shared this publicly before. Here goes...   When I was about 5 years old my Mother unwittingly broke my little child heart when she divorced my Father, took my older brother and moved across the country, leaving me alone with my neglectful Father...wondering about what had happened. Of course, I didn't understand. I was too young. At the time she was my everything,...
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