I am a certified Medical Reiki Master (delivering energy even in the operating room,) as well as a Graduate Gemologist, which justifies my obsession with crystals. I also enjoy very human activities such as Krav Maga, target shooting, motorcycle and auto racing, creating galactic art, cooking, and, of course, yoga. I am just finishing up my second book on expanding consciousness. The way to my heart is through authenticity and French Macarons. I live in West Hollywood, California, with my motorcycle, my sports car, my shadow, and an infinite number of friends existing in all dimensions.
  • YouTube LiveStream happening now
    Ever wonder what a day is like in 4th density?  Kimberly will detail what's different when you move to a 4th Density Lifestyle.   Starts at 7pm Pacific Time today! See it live at https://awa.ke/yt    
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  • 277: Activation Code for The Flip
    Your Higher Self is pretty witty, sending you activation codes disguised as license plates, restaurant receipts and the time displayed on clocks. Exciting stuff, I think, because not only does the consistent viewing of repeating numbers strike up inquiry within as to the basis of coincidence, you're also downloading and activating codes that have been dormant in your DNA all this time.  ...
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  • Got my tickets for #disclosurefest for this Saturday. Looking forward to the great day in the park with like-minded people.
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  • Headed to #aliencon today!
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  • Been Swindled by Someone? Celebrate!
    There are plenty of examples of allegedly homeless people driving home in their Cadillacs after a long day on begging on the street.   I imagine them carefully putting their battered cardboard "Homeless Vet" sign in the trunk of their car and using the alarm fob to lower the trunk door.   That person probably bought that car, and the home that he's driving to, with money that...
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  • Cintamani Stone: Fortifying the Light Grid
    I made a short video detailing the significance of the Cintamani stone in the awakening process.  From contact with the Agarthans and other subterranean civilizations, to fortifying your connection with other Light Beings in human form, the Cintamani stone, also called Saffordite, is a powerful addition to your collection.     Further reading is available on my blog Are...
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  • Happening Now: You've Got Haters
    The initiation has begun.  This is a time when your beliefs will be vehemently challenged by those who are not ready to accept diversity and opposing viewpoints.   Yesterday I got my first one-star rating.  I considered it part of my own initiation.  We as Lightworkers have spent such a large part of our recent lives in solitude, in introspection.  Basically, as...
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  • Had to lay hands on the coffeemaker when it died on me. Reset it to factory settings with just a couple of intentional statements. Think of how many things we could keep out of landfills if more people embraced the remembrance of their own power to fix things.
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  • Cleaning Out Your Closet?: Your Soul is Decluttering
    Cleaning Out Your Closet?: You Are Taking Big Steps Towards Healing Have you opened your wardrobe, took a look inside and found that you had no idea why youwere there, staring at your belongings with no recognition? Don’t worry. You are not developingdementia. You are taking a big first step toward healing some important stuff. It can feel scary to find yourself in this position. You...
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  • What If This Life Experience Is Just a Game?
    If you knew that all of Life were just a game, and we're all playing it virtual-reality style, what would you do differently? What if you knew that you were completely safe to make any decision you desired, create anything you want to see, experience or love, and you understood that everyone involved was just as safe as you are?   Would you: Take more risks? Love more often?...
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