Ralph "Wolf" McCarron has been hunting UAP's and black projects most of his life. He was hooked at the age of 12 when he read "Chariots of the God's" by Erich Von Daniken. After that he read almost every book he could find on the subject. With a background in video/film production he decided to take the next step to become more involved. Wolf started attending the MUFON-LA (The Los Angeles Chapter) meetings starting in 1982. He became a Board Member in 1992 as the Technical Director/Webmaster and Video Analyst and stayed at that position for 21 years. After reading an article in UFO Magazine about Bob Lazar and his experiences at Area 51 Wolf decided that his research needed to change. Starting in 1992 after being frustrated with the field and sick of reading books about "lights in the sky," Wolf decided to take a turn in his research and start monitoring military bases, in particular Area 51. He created the first video on Area 51 entitled "The Area 51 Videoguide" that was sold via ads in UFO Magazine and contained a map, video directions and tips about the base. Around this time Wolf assembled a team of researchers who monitored strange events in and around Area 51. The team would travel to the base as often as four to five times a year. He and his team spent countless hours on mountain peaks around the base, monitoring radio frequencies and recording data. The most infamous event occurred in 1995 when the US Government did a land grab of 4000 acres, culminating in Wolf and his team being removed from the area along with another handful of researchers off of White Sides Mountain and Freedom Ridge. Most of his video footage ended up in numerous documentaries for The Learning Channel, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel and many local news networks. He is listed as one of the original researchers of Area 51 as listed by UFOMIND.com. http://www.ufomind.com/area51. In 2001 he became a member of "The Think Tank UFO Group" LAUFORG (The Los Angeles UFO Group) which had such members as Bill Moore and Ann Druffel. During that time he was hired with a grant funded by The Fund for UFO Research to catalog the voluminous archives of Dr. James McDonald's lifelong UFO research. Wolf spent four years recording, editing and transfering all the data of this huge archive. The archive is housed at The University of Arizona Library, Tucson Arizona. The archived information can be found here: http://www.wolfdigitalmedia.com/ufo/mcdonaldcompletetapearchive.htm. Born in Los Angeles and a filmmaker and editor by trade, he has been involved in the entertainment industry most of his adult life. Wolf has worked for many esteemed entertainment companies such as Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. and is also the owner of his own company, Wolf Digital Media. He co-produced and edited the award winning horror classic "To Hell With A Bullet" which was released in 2013 via Vicktory Films/Hollywood Film Cooperative . Since 2013 Wolf has currently been a board member of UPARS (The UFO and Paranormal Research Society) of Los Angeles. Wolf has appeared on Strange Universe, Nippon TV (Japan), the documentary Area 51: America's Most Secret Base, The History Channel/Ancient Aliens & H2/Breaking Mysterious. His radio appearances include The Bob & Hieronymus Show, Dark Matters Radio with Don Ecker and Fade to Black with Jimmy Church.
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