• Jury Duty
    Just to make it clear I am currently on jury duty but the intention of this article is not go disclose details about the case I am involved in but to offer comments on the introspection I've embarked on in regards to the experience as far as my personal feelings around my view of life in general goes.   Right, caveat flagged, moving on to what I really want to share.   It is quite...
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  • Death Hurts
      I always thought I had had kicked the bucket in one particular incident but I was never as certain I had died more than when I took ayahuasca. It was the single most euphoric and beautiful moment in my spiritual journey on this earth. It had been given to me by people whom I feel so much love and gratitude for as I could never have had by myself. Usually people talk of serpents and...
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  • Message from the unconscious
      My dreams have been haunting my lately. This is no doubt following the deep unsettling thoughts that surfaced due to the knowledge I've acquired during the years and the synchronistic confirmations that keep popping up. I've come across some wonderful news, exciting news and just upsetting news. Living the truth I know just seems impossible to do without going insane right now....
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  • 800 million yesrs old Woman Discovered In A Perfect Marble Casket In Russia
    https://www.disclose.tv/woman-discovered-in-a-perfect-marble-casket-in-russia-is-800-million-years-old-313015   Is this legit?
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  • Revolutionary Acts: Resilience
      In a time of universal deceit, seeking the truth is a revolutionary act and commands your resilience. Your very presence here is testament to your courage and commitment to truth and the spiritual path. I can almost guarantee none of you have stopped and congratulated yourselves for the steps you've taken that have inevitably lead you here. You might not think that anything you're...
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  • Earth's Intergalactic Diplomacy
        If we allow our so called leaders to decide the kind of relationship we have and with whom we have it, the result of that relationship will reflect the nature of the parties involved. Simply put if it is only the military complex that is allowed to interact and establish these relationships they will seek relationships that only further militaristic values and agendas favouring...
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  • Love comes from the most unlikely of places
        When your heart is open love comes from the most unlikely of places. When I was a lost wandering puppy in shock after reading The Ra Material, I reached out to anyone and everyone who would listen. Not for company but for answers. If I had discovered this surely there was someone else in this world that could answer my questions or even just confirm I hadn't hallucinated. I...
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  • Earth needs a Lawyer 2.0
      In 1934 Dr. Royal Raymond Rife tested his frequency instrument machine on 16 terminal cancer patients and after three months 14 had been declared cured from their cancer. Dr Rife wrote on his research “With the frequency instrument treatment no tissue is destroyed, no pain is felt, no noise is audible and no sensation is noticed”. On Friday the 6th of May 1938 The Evening...
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  • Earth needs a lawyer
      Seasons come and go and I've seen incredible advancement, huge leaps in consciousness but also newer and more elaborare traps we fall into. When I think about our history I feel myself swell with sadness and contempt for all we've done to ourselves and to the souls sharing this planet with us. Too easily I feel like putting the blame on higher powers but we're our own worst enemy, and...
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  • When the music stops
    On Saturday the 3rd of December 2016 I experienced something that felt very much like a warning. A man visibly distraught by a traumatic experience sat in a chair in an apartment and told me that after death people are given traumatic memories to cover up the real one. Traumatic memories which are distressing enough to match the level of trauma experienced but not so telling as to avoid them...
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