About 21 years ago I had a life-changing spiritual awakening during my late teens whilst I was at university. An experience I could not deny or discredit but had to accept. With that acceptance I developed the desire to share the life-changing benefits of yoga breathing, other spiritual practices and the all encompassing and logical philosophy of King Yoga which logically answered so many of my questions about the mysteries of life. There is a spiritual awakening taking place throughout this world which is taking us towards greater awareness of that which does not serve our growth and development and a greater desire to connect with the higher truths of life so we can all experience greater freedom in all aspects of life. My lifelong ambition is to contribute to the Cosmic Plan for the enlightenment and salvation of humanity that is currently unfolding.
  • Publicity Officer / Crypto Guide / Healer / Teacher at The Aetherius Society
  • Studied Psychology & Health Sciences at University of Wolverhampton
    Class of 2:1
  • Lives in London
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