Author of four books including "Abandoned" and "Krishna & the Art of Bicycle Maintenance". Also the owner of "Comanche Highway" on YouTube as well as, Ancient Vedic Radio. Founder of Krishna Disaster Relief.
  • Studied Bhakti Yoga at ISKCON
    Class of 1977
  • Lives in Canyon Lake, TX
  • From Corinth, NY
  • Male
  • Married
  • April 29, 1946
  • Followed by 27 people
  • The First Book of the 21st Century
    There was never a plan on my part to publish Krishna and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance at the strike of midnight, way back then.  Instead it was just that I was ready to publish it & lo and behold, when I looked up, January 1, 2000 was only hours away. "Hm," I thought, "why not?" So yeah, I don't mind staking that claim out for myself :) There was also a lot of pressure on me to...
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  • Death and Filth on Mt. Everest
    This video somehow just appeared on YouTube; a suggestion I guess that I should watch it.  1:40:12 minutes later I feel drained.  Not that it was too long, but rather just too much of what's wrong with this human race. I remember way up on top of a moutain, years & years ago above Aspen, Colorado I saw the same insanity first hand.  Who are these "outdoorsmen" who leave their...
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  • A song by Jai Uttal
    This is a song from Jai Uttal's "Thunder Love" album.  I am choosing this because it is one of my all-time favorites.  Turn up your speakers a bit.  You'll soon understand why.  Also thanking Jai Uttal for his kindness in allowing Ancient Vedic Radio to play his music. >  
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  • Ancient Coin Spill
    This morning I am showcasing a video from my Metal Detecting page on OnStellar.  Just about every Friday, Brad, from Green Mountain Metal Detecting, releases a new video.  Brad has built a very nice YouTube channel, all the result of own doing (filming, music, content).  On Facebook I have my own metal detecting group, "Canyon Lake Metal Detecting" but nothing that I do can...
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  • Ancient Vedic Radio
    Having received his blessings, Bahramji Anand has been featured on Ancient Vedic Radio ( many times, along with Maneesh de Moor. This video is both a great introduction into Bahramji's music and a visual treat beyond words. Such great talent. A few sentences about this incredible musician: As a child he heard the old Sufi melodies, which now form the source of...
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  • Yogi Immune to Fire.
    I actually purchased this CD about 15 years ago.  Still have it.  I think this is one of those video that many will call FAKE.  It's not.  If you don't want to take the time to watch this full film, then you can simply search "Fire Yogi" and a number of people have reduced it down to a few minutes. I'm giving you the full enchalada.  
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  • Tesla Re-visited via Time Travel
    DUST is a SciFi YouTube channel.  Mostly not so impressed.  Probably just me.  Can't like everything.  However, this seems worth watching.  Will post a new episode every day :)  
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  • Floating Beetle Wings
    Stumbled into this video early this morning.  Seems ligit.  Cool.  What do you think?  
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  • I found this on YouTube yesterday and was simply awestruck. On so many levels is this video fantastic. First of all, you are immediately aware that the author of this video left us with something shot in very high definition and that this was accomplished 5 years ago. So a huge plus right there. As far as the subject matter and background scenery, the word, "superb" is all I can use. Finally there is the incredible music by Peter Kater. Please share this video and give "Swimswithtrout" some well-earned recognition and applause.
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