My story of awakening spans my entire life and through a series of past life memories , invisible imaginary friend, alien abductions, discoveries of empathic / psychic abilities, and 3 OBE's starting at age 5 and once aware of everything in my early 20's putting the whole mess together after years of research and discovery by the age of 28 my consciousness was fully awakened.
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  • Post #2: In this post I wanted to talk about what led to my repeating dream stopping and the abduction experience that may or may not be related to the stoppage of these dreams. You see on my 8th birthday I had the typical "Chucky Cheese" party and went home afterwards. Well that night I was very distracted with all the presents I had received and wasn't thinking about going to sleep. Well eventually bedtime came and as I start dosing off , all of the sudden I felt this gut wrenching fear in the pit of my stomach and was paralyzed by it. The next thing I know I am being lifted from my bed , totally stiff , not able to make a peep, i could only open and close my eyes and slightly tip my chin down to try and see what was going on. The next thing I know as soon as I am clear of the bunk bed me and my brother slept on , I started to rise , rising all the way up to just hitting the ceiling. Once my nose was about to touch the ceiling i started feeling, what I can only describe as the tingling feeling you get after a arm or foot goes numb from siting or sleeping on it for so long and once the blood starts to flow back in again the little tingling / pin pricks you feel just before you get the total feeling back. As i came closer and started feeling the tingling /pin pricks all over my body I closed my eyes to try and wake myself up but came to realize that this wasn't a dream I was totally conscious and aware. I must have passed through the ceiling and roof to where ever I was being taken, I lost consciousness for a bit during that transition. I awoke still paralyzed but was now on some kind of table or gurney. I could see several dark figures all around me. This was a very dark place, the sound was muffled as if I were under water or something. The only light was just above me in the center of the room but was so bright I could not make out a light fixture or light bulb I could only see light. I couldn't see anything , but I could hear movement and rapid clicking noises all around me. One of the beings stepped up into to the light just enough to where I could see its head and the upper shoulders. This being is what we refer to as a Grey now days. But it had slightly larger human looking eyes , not big black eyes like I hear so many describe. At this time in my young life I had no knowledge of aliens or ufo's so to me this was a monster and then I passed out. After that I do not remember anything until I was startled awake while being dropped back in my bed. I convinced myself that this was just a very vivid nightmare. But after that experience my reoccurring dream stopped within a couple of days. To this day I do not know why I was able to remember so much about that experience and why it is the only experience I remember having with the Grey beings. But there have been several instances throughout my life where I was awakened by the feeling of being dropped onto my mattress or awakened by that scary feeling in the pit of my stomach. Whatever they did it at least stopped that horrible repeating night mare from happening. It wasn't until my 2nd OBE in my early 20's that I came to realize why I had these experiences and what they meant. Thank you for reading part 2 of my story of awakening. I will post parts 3 & 4 at a later date.
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  • POST # 1 : My first experiences as a child : The first experiences I had as a child were in my dreams and memories of a very strange past life I once lived. It started when I was around 5 years young and at the time I had no idea why I was having a reoccurring dream just about every night for about 3 years straight. All I knew at the time was the dream was strange , intense and very scary! I viewed it as a nightmare. It got to the point that I would cry when I knew it was time for bed , during bed time until I was either punished by my parents for being too loud or cry myself to sleep.
    As for the dream itself the images and details of the dream have stuck with me all this time and I will never forget what I saw . At that time I started observing things in the dream that were so strange and I had no point of reference as to how these things were appearing in my dream state if I had never known, thought or knew of anything as weird looking as the people , architecture, technology, planets I saw during the dream. From my observations I am on an earth like planet orbiting a much larger blue planets which had some small land masses but mostly a water world type planet. When I looked into a reflective surface I was shocked to see that I was not myself, I am a young female humanoid surrounded by what I can only describe as her family. I remember how different but similar they looked compared to us today. (Description: Larger cranial size but more like "football" shape ( more wide than tall), The eyes were wider and more Asian looking but were positioned more on the sides of the head. The nose was very wide and short , if it were placed on a human today it would go from cheek bone to cheek bone. The mouth was larger and had at least 2 rows of teeth on the upper bridge of the mouth. I would say they were shorter than today's average humans they were around 3-5 ft as full grown adults. Their hair was very thin and wispy or no hair at all.) During the dream at some point monstrous looking giant beings invading the planet and laying waste to everything in site. To hear them talk all I could hear was deafening echo when the giants communicated.
    As the dream progressed I find myself running with a large group , being pursued by one of these giant beings. At the same time there was an air battle going which lit up the night skies with color. Then a flash of light from the neighboring planet turned night into day. This was followed by heavy bombardment from debris caused by the neighboring planet breaking apart. The next thing I remember is that we enter the mouth of a cave and start down into the underground to escape the surface. As we walk into the corridor leading to an underground structure like a bunker of some kind, in the darkness I can hear explosions , screaming and misery coming from everywhere. Once we are inside the ground begins to rumble , fracture and eventually the structure caves in and I fall and fall until I pass out. When I awaken I find myself on top of a mountain of dead or dying people. As i begin to fade I look up and see the night sky with a planet in the background as it slowly disintegrates.
    I had this dream for nearly 4 years and had no idea why or what it meant. As I said before I had no knowledge of ET's , or advance technology or even giant beings. The dreams stopped suddenly when I had my 1st abduction experience on the night of my 8th birthday. More to come. .. Thank you for taking the time to read the first of my experiences on the long road I traveled to awakening my consciousness.
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