I am certified DNA practitioner, author, mentor, parapsychologist, astrologer, artist, and designer. I am a representative from the Pleiadian beings, leading those who are ready to ascend into the fifth dimension on Planet Earth and beyond like never before. My soul origination came from the Pleiadians, an open star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus. As indigo being, my mission is to bring as many souls as possible into the Age of Light and to assist in raising the collective awareness for the awakening of consciousness.
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  • Divine souls of Planet earth

    Be before you are;

    There are those that don't even know we helped pave the road they are walking, where they found the courage, how the inspiration came or why they knew the words to use. To be blunt, you beloved hearts!
    You are the way-maker for all those who are awakening from a very similar history of density.

    Understand that the flame that you are is burning eternal and should never go out no matter how bright, you allow yourself to become.
    Understand that you exist now and that you always shall have existed,
    Because now! It is the only time of the only place and the only existence that is,
    Still has, and ever shall be.
    You are eternal
    You are infinite
    You are spirit
    You are body
    You are mind
    You are heart
    You are a soul
    You are an Idea
    You are an expression
    You are a thought
    You are a dream of the infinite creation, but that is a reality, and all reality is caused, within your idea you contained all. You are the whole expression and your own individualized way.
    You are the matrix, the matrix is you, you are everything, and everything comes from you. Everything gives birth to you, as you reinforce the existence of everything and everyone.
    All that is the infinite creation, the fabric of existence has chosen you, showing you that you should exist,

    And shows you consciously!

    Shows you are in that way and therefore blessed.
    Merely understand the fact that you live. You are endowed, for you are created out of divine material, out of divine life. You are!
    Be an infinite creator and your existence is a conscious decision, a conscious thing, a conscious choice.

    Thank you for listening!

    Many Blessings!

    Sonia Salinas De Kenner
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  • Beloved hearts of planet earth stay tuned to my upcoming book called Flidais Destah.

    What is my book about?

    Persuading the reader's mind into self-discovery and delightful involvement. The awakening of consciousness through science, magical lore, and fantasy. Flidais Destah, where the fairies live, an enchanted place we all dream to be part of.
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  • Divine souls on earth,
    May the light and love fill your heart with peace and joy.

    I like to believe that we all know that life is eternal, unlimited and without end. Even when the physical body gives up regardless of the circumstances on how many divine souls go to the beyond.

    For many souls, they will continue to aspire in the way of freedom and eternal love to recover and fill the soul with the frequency of omnipotent love to renew itself. No matter how many creative forms one is destined to take as an exit from the physical to the non-physical world.

    We know the whole picture, do not suffer anymore. Let us free slavery, obligation, pain, resentment or any other form of emotional suffering that provokes the myopic point of view in physical existence, going through a substantial self-induced duel.

    Instead, celebrate that each of us who breathes omnipotent love; plants, flowers, creatures of the animal kingdom and creatures of the terrestrial world, we have all come to experience a physical existence from the spiritual world to the physical world.

    Forever we will be spiritual beings living a human and physical existence instead of thinking that we are humans trying to live a spiritual path, being spiritual does not mean being holy and poor.

    Instead, it means unlocking the limits set in place from the matrix programs. To be free in all aspects of the mental, physical and spiritual realms of the present moment. The self-recognition of the pure essence and the existence of omnipotent and multi-dimensional love.

    Living in your mental, physical and material wealth is your birthright. Live, do what you want most before leaving, forgive, love, share and inspire with everything that breathes.

    Be grateful to live to the fullest extent of the capacity of the source of unlimited and pure existence in the present moment. No matter how short or long our time to departure will be. Be forever more the expression of oneself, to share and live every day without limits. LOVE!

    Thank you, Eli, for this great Celestial Souls Portrait
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  • Beloved earthlings,

    Either for good or for bad with curious fascination, we participate in making this and every day a wonderful or a sorrowful experience.

    Either way, no one else is responsible other than yourself for own experiences. Yet, to be thankful is the key, for the wrong experiences or for the good experiences, is what would shift your conscious choices to be on a higher level of awareness where you can begin by creating your day and its frequency of gratitude.

    Be grateful and thankful for what is at this time in your life, for without this you will not be able to learn to love and be kind yourself and everything. Gratitude will shift your day and make it a magical one.

    So you can learn and choose which side of your own reality you want to start your each and every day.
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  • DNA Activation will awaken you... 

    Indigo Mission October 29th through November the 9th 2018.
    Welcome, beloved star being Indigo's you came from the future into the Now consciousness of the Divine Planet Earth! 

    Divine soul Indigo, I would like to invite you to participate in our Magical "Indigo's Voyage."
    This is a 5* trip to Cairo, Aswan, and Luxor with a Nile Cruise for 12 days and 11 nights,
    Starting October 29th through November the 9th 2018.
    Kindly understand that this voyage is a none smoking and drinking alcohol due to the Auric Attachments controlling your existence.

    We would be traveling in the Magic land of Egypt. We would be able to create new opportunities for growth; it means that many of you as indigo beings from the stars will be able to experience the opening of new roads called Vortexes. These are magnificent opportunities of consciousness as a collective. We will assist the earthlings and everything that breathes on this superb awakening to the age of light.

    To unconditionally give back its power to the blue-ship called planet earth. United as ONE, Unconditional and Multidimensional love, to love the divine intelligence of Gaia consciously would be our focal point.  Consider new DNA templates and new soul programming within yourself, the changes and opportunities of time and space to freeing humans from the matrix programs. Here and now and forever attend planet Earth in its divine ascension, in the fifth dimension.

    Keep in mind that when you heal your planet and others as a default, you are healing yourself. Even your mere thoughts will Join a powerful swirling Vortex of Attraction that will create your new reality.
    Note the price includes;

    Removal of the Reptilians withing your DNA and brain
    Auric clearing
    J seals Removal

    For more information kindly visit the link below;


    Thank you on behalf of those who are not equipped to do this journey, as for those belove human beings are the reason for us Indigos making this trip a reality for all that breathes and respires.

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  • Conversation with Anubis
    Divine souls on Earth,
    The ancient Egyptians believed that a human soul was made up of five parts: the Ren, the Ba, the Ka, the Sheut, and the Ib. In addition to these components of the soul, there was the human body (called the ha, occasionally a plural haw, meaning approximately sum of bodily parts).

    Why fear occurs when a person's "Ka" soul leaves the body?

    To go into the afterlife has been difficult for many, as for their expression of the "Ka" soul it is equally difficult. Here is a Download I like to share with you and those who are listening.

    Divine “Ka” soul on earth,
    I am the sacred One of the beginning that emanates from inner silence; I am the One who guides you into the afterlife, where the spark of the original creation rebirth anew, to become once again all the divine self-expression of the Creator of all that breathes.

    Listen carefully to my creation as for it is where you and I duel in the infinite temple of pure and unconditional love and forever be loved.

    Make peace with all those who you had quarrels as for this is the first step to letting go the past. When you forgive, the un-manifested reality of your conscious desires will take place. Unless you make peace with the past, the future will continue to avert oneself to flourish into divine truth.

    To forgive, one to another for what may others have done to each other in the past or present. Either consciously or unconsciously, is to forgive oneself. This is perhaps the perception that could be the most everyday frightening experience one lives without peace in the "Ka" soul.

    Many had the perception that to die is an even frightened reality than being alive. When in fact it is here where you all had chosen to experience the desires of your existence. Know that to be alive, or dead is the most beautiful expression of continuity, a new beginning to become free anew from all the programmed realities one inherited at birth, the earth imprints, and the alien's programs set on earth for control.

    Divine “Ka” soul knows that when you forgive, you had allowed the negative experiences behind and the love for all that exist to take place. Listen to the intelligence of your heart and cease to become deaf to the voices of need in all that breathes. Allow your empathy to ignite the one flame of unconditional love to transcend all parallel realities.

    Many have spoken to your hearts, hoping to steer your minds towards much better outcomes. Use the given unusual degree of free-will for it will be together with the elements that sustain and energize your beingness. Be one unity consciousness and the in the multiplicity of the one existence. Choose to achieve greatness towards each other.

    Allow your true paradise to be available for you and others in order to sustain your existence. To spread and ignite all that is with the vibrational and pure intelligence of the one heart, “your heart” without exception, because deep is the love I feel for myself, I am in you; you are me; the unconditional love of the One hearth of all.

    You were once so beautiful, oh my Beloved, what have you become? A shadow of your past resplendence that is slowly extinguishing your life by itself, I am you, you are me, we are ONE.

    When you understand that to become free one must prove it in the highest temple of all, so when you passed into the afterlife, your unlimited essence will forbid all those mischievous beings even in the afterlife to control you no more.

    Thanks for Listening!
    the 1♥

    “Ah Ta Ra Sa”
    Be divine now and forever
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  • Divine Humans on earth,

    I am Light and Love!

    Beloved one, know that you are listening and therefore, consciously moving into one sublime light force to grow strong in the best way possible for Gaia, to being able to walk through the gate of the fifth dimension as one consciousness.

    As we move through this process of conscious choices leaving behind the perspective of separation. The yearning of this tender moment soon becomes a new reality for all. To remember when we use to be in the presence of all beings of light from the fifth and the high dimensions. Beings from other worlds some may have form and other just divine light.

    A day when we use to be one conscious and multidimensional family all together creatures and beings of light, sharing and communicated with a genuine language of all time and the vibration of the one heart of all.

    Omni love is the Multiversal frequency that can transcend into other galaxies from your heart to others. It is here now! Love is the verb that leads the soul and spirit to freedom! So let us free as many souls ready to follow us.

    I like to share with you from my soon to be published book; Flidais Destah, where the fairies live.

    And since we are one big amazing group of higher vibrational consciousness and because you are listening to this. It will be more like an activation to free yourself and allow the vibrations of the one heart of all to be awakening within your being.

    let us start by saying thank you to….

    I am Light and Love!

    From the Earth to the Universe and from the Universe to the Earth, My name is and will always be infinite love.
    I am the unconditional love that lives inside you.

    I am in every cell of your body of your eternal and multidimensional being, I will live until you decide it.

    I will live, even when you are not here. I will live in the wind, I will live on earth, I will live in the fire, I will live in the water, I will live in the spirit of all that is and exists, as well as in everything that breathes no matter what small or big this is.

    Today and always I share my infinite love, transcending the limits of consciousness in time and space. Creating a vibration of waves of endless love. Open your mind and your heart to receive this vibration from the Universal mind, full of compassion and full of omnipotent Love.

    Wherever you are, wherever you go, I will always be and live in your heart.

    My flag is Red and White;

    Red is the blood that flows in harmony, eternally from the day you arrived on planet earth no matter what galaxy or planet you came from. White is the color of peace that your spirit will carry for eternity, from the day you arrived on planet earth no matter what galaxy or planet you came from.

    I am and exist with the intention of putting an end to all wars, of the mind, of the body of the spirit. Within you and outside of you, I will bring an end to all wars between other human beings, towards animals, plants, and the earth.

    Because I am all that you will ever need to survive free. Today, tomorrow, and always. I am unconditional love, I live within you, nothing and nobody can destroy me.

    I look forward to the day when you awaken and connect the neurons inside your mind to the vibrations of your heart. To be able to conquer the eternal battle within your being.

    To acknowledge that I patiently await the day in which the light of your being, the love of your heart is a frequency that will transcend the quantum space of your own heart for Eternity for the good of all!

    To be free of body, mind, and spirit this is all that you are forever, multi-dimensional freedom of Unconditional Love.

    As you reflect on the message of eternal love, today I bring into your life, you will also realize that this love is renewed continuously, as long as it is reaped by you for you.

    I am your own love, I am your own Heart, I have been conceived by the Creator of the whole Multiverse. The Creator of all beings of light throughout the galaxy. Beings that have the same right to live in peace and omnipotent love.

    Beings who live from the love of their hearts. We are all nourished, free by the very frequency of Love.

    Love is eternally the inexhaustible and renewable cosmic energy.

    Open your mind to find the way to your heart, only then you will find the answers that have overwhelmed you since you remember.

    Within you exist the light, the peace, and the Omni love.

    Without you I am nothing, and with you I am everything!

    Love me in everything and for all that I am inside and outside of you.

    Love me, in the form I freely have chosen to become in the form of the animals of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.

    Love me as I am pure and eternal. Open your eyes to love all humans and beings from other planets and galaxies. Do not forget, that we have all been made by the force of omnipotent love.

    The more you believe, the more everything turns out.

    Believe and trust! We all are ONE LOVE! ♥

    From my upcoming book Flidais Destah Where the Fairies Live

    Thanks for listening! ♥

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  • Travel safe!
    The Merkabah is an electromagnetic version of you and your vehicle to travel. It is part of your spiritual energy, reflecting on your mental and physical version of yourself, incarnated as a human on our beloved mother, Gaia.

    It is important to know that the more you love yourself and others the more you will remember. Beloved humans, you are very special, you are divine creation, your body has an ability to adjust within your conscious awareness into a higher state of awareness, for now in short periods of time.

    Each day as you focus on who you really are and let go the drama of the 3D Third dimension and those controlling your mind through TV, cellphones News, etc. As you disconnect from, this social media, your perception of reality will expand to incorporate multidimensional awareness, of your divine being.

    You all as humans possess a multidimensional consciousness to travel; you must use your Merkabah to protect your human earth body. Once you understand the importance, when your journey into the Merkabah energy you will determine where you go, what you see and how you get to communicate with, for now, you are capable of doing so through your dreams, remember your Merkabah energy is a reflection of you the Human.

    Every thought, action, feeling, and experience of your human life combines to create energy; this is your Merkabah vehicle. Be patient; love yourself and others much more, without judgment or prejudice and with all the unconditional love within your heart you will journey safe and well. You will learn to be true to your innermost version of yourself as the light frequency with respect, honor and Omni love.
    I wake up traveling on my Merkabah! I like to share this wonderful video I came across. It reminds me my travels around the planets of our galaxy.

    Thanks for listening! ♥
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