Dan Willis is one of the top-secret military witnesses that testified at the National Press Club in Washington DC before the major mainstream media. This historic world disclosure event in 2001 was asking for a congressional hearing regarding rogue illegal secret government operations and the extraterrestrial reality. Hearings were being sought in order to bring forth the over 500 military and intelligence witnesses to testify as well as the scientists within these black projects to release the technologies derived from extraterrestrial reverse engineering that has been hidden for over 70 years that could stop further damage to our planet. An ex-radio broadcast engineer and ABC newsman, Dan has taken a keen interest in how the mainstream media has withheld disclosure of the full message to the public
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  • Ever wonder what was really behind President Eisenhower giving a warning about "unwarranted influences" and "misplaced powers" and that only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry could protect our future liberties and freedom?

    Did Eisenhower lose control to the corporations in 1955 that were infiltrated by the Fourth Reich that allowed them to conduit secret illegal operations outside of the jurisdiction of our legal constitutional government denying future presidents, CIA directors, heads of intelligence and others with constitutional authority?

    Was a plan created by Eisenhower as a future institutional safeguard that if this infiltration got to the extent that it threatened our Republic and Constitution, that a secret US military intelligence unit he created through a secret executive order would be activated and steps taken to rectify the situation in the future?

    Are there indications today that this unit has been activated and steps have already been taken and they are attempting to communicate to the public about these military intelligence operations as "QAnon" in order to go around the perception control of the Operation Mockingbird infiltrated mainstream media which has created so much public division and serves to protect the interests and agenda of this infiltration?

    I joined research scholar Dr. Michael Salla of exopolitics.org on Commander Cobra's show on KGRA discussing the predatory extraterrestrial alliance of the Nazi SS that gave them technological superiority and forced Eisenhower into somewhat of a surrender, and how the USAF today has recently shifted it's alliance to a more benevolent human Nordic looking extraterrestrial race that has been working separately with the US Navy.

    Indications are that the newly created US Space Force will be a vehicle to release highly advanced withheld classified technologies that could benefit humanity.

    This and more is discussed in the following audio archive...
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  • In light of the current amassing evidence of a decades old infiltration by a domestic enemy to our constitutional government, considering I took a sworn oath in the military to protect our constitution, I felt it is my patriotic duty to create the following MEME of a few key historical indications of this fact to share with both military service members and veterans who have also taken this oath. As President Eisenhower once stated the importance of taking nothing for granted, and that only an "alert and knowledgeable" citizenry can protect our future security and liberties, we need to pay attention to all indicators, as our high level government/military leaders as history has shown, have been illegally denied access to these illegal operations utilizing our National Security system
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  • Why is this recently leaked document considered the "The BIG LEAK of the Century"?

    Much of the population of this planet understands that we are not alone in the universe and that we've had interactions with off planet civilizations since recorded history.

    What people don't understand is, why our government in the past has consistently denied this factual reality to the public?

    Why now is our mainstream media through all it's narrative controlled outlets putting a blitz of the UFO/ET reality into the public's awareness?

    This highly important leaked document confirms what President Eisenhower tried to warn us about the unwarranted influences and misplaced powers of the transnational corporations of the military industrial complex. President John F. Kennedy also attempted to warn us about the dangers of secrecy that hides an infiltration.

    What were they trying to tell us?

    It's a long complicated hidden history that is about to be revealed, of which this leaked document is an important testament to the fact that our legal constitutional government, including presidents, CIA directors and heads of military intelligence, have all been denied access to these secret "illegal" operations since Eisenhower lost complete control back in the 1950s, where these operations have utilized our national security apparatus in order to hide their operations and avoid legal oversight for the last several decades.

    While these secret operations run by these corporations have developed extremely advanced technologies derived from 'technology not of this Earth' which could greatly benefit all of mankind and our planet, they have simultaneously suppressed Earth's scientists from releasing thousands of solutions utilizing the same national security apparatus they use in order to hide their hidden advanced technology.

    This is also an important alert to all members of our military services who have taken a sworn oath to protect the constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic, in that a substantial amount of evidence is supporting what this recent leaked document is clearly indicating, and that is, that we have a situation of what appears to be an infiltration by a domestic enemy operating outside of the jurisdiction and oversight of our legal constitutional government.

    As the prior head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson made clear in this leaked document, that these operations are "illegal" and this is why he specifically gave permission during his 1997 Pentagon meeting with Dr. Steven Greer to disclose this before the mainstream media of the world, which he did with 20 witnesses, of which I am only one, backed by hundreds of military and intelligence witness testimonies that confirm this hidden reality.

    Note that the same mainstream media today that now wants you to know about UFOs through their controlled narrative, completely sanitized from the public's awareness with what the CIA terms a 'limited hangout' of these important witness testimonies that were given on May 9th, 2001 which the admiral green lighted to disclose to the world these illegal operations that our legal government is being denied access to.

    As Eisenhower warned, to take nothing for granted, and that only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry could protect our future liberties and freedom. It is important for everyone to pay close attention to the implications of what this leaked document is revealing.

    My friends at Broadcast Team Alpha requested to do a discussion on this leaked document in this video interview.

    Document detail notes:
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  • In a followup interview with BTA discussing Robert Lazar's work as a scientist reverse engineering ET craft in Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP) at the S-4 facility and the recent Admiral Wilson/Davis document which confirms that our legal government has been denied access which includes presidents, CIA directors and heads of intelligence since 1955 when Eisenhower lost control to the transnational corporations that moved all their operations from Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio to Area 51 and S-4 where Robert Lazar worked. https://youtu.be/wYPI5IzDYMM

    In 1993 outside of Area 51, I personally filmed Robert Lazar's first private meeting with researchers https://youtu.be/M1joezA5uoM
    In 1991 this same group held a previous meeting outside of Area 51 (Nellis AFB) which generated a classified NRO advisory to the base with a distribution list of USAPs.

    Dr. Steven M. Greer obtained this document and provided it for a 1997 Pentagon meeting with the head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson. The admiral in his legal authority was denied access and told Dr. Greer.

    “Well, as far as I am concerned, if you can get people who know about this matter to talk on the record, you have my permission to go to the media with this. This group is illegal.”

    In 2001 Dr. Greer disregarding death threats, courageously went before the media of the world with 20 witnesses (of which I am one) each stating they are willing to testify under oath regarding their testimonies before a congressional hearing.
    https://youtu.be/XKKA1pSf4XE (38m short version of the 2hr event)

    The CIA which controls the corporations of the mainstream media outlets effectively sanitized the explosive testimonies given from the public's awareness. CNN example https://youtu.be/WLqCvpWc548

    Today in June of 2019, the leaked transcript document surfaced between Admiral Wilson and Dr. Eric Davis which confirms the 1997 Pentagon meeting with Dr. Greer and how the admiral in his legal authority was being denied access to USAPs that were reverse engineering "technology not of the Earth" which Robert Lazar was working on at S-4.

    Why is all of this significant?

    These documents and testimonies reveal that our legal government has been apparently infiltrated by the "unwarranted influences" of the corporations of the military industrial complex that Eisenhower tried to warn the American public about this domestic enemy. This substantiates that our National Security apparatus has been used illegally to hide these secret illegal operations from oversight that have been withholding from humanity highly advanced technologies, while at the same time using our National Security apparatus to also suppress Earth's scientists with National Security Orders that suppress thousands of solutions that would make all of our current energy and propulsion technologies obsolete to move us forward to make a better world for all of us.
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  • Well, while I am in Facebook perception management jail and not allowed to post any more memes, at least I can post one here
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  • Have you ever considered escaping off the grid from the centralized corporate controlled infrastructure? For over 20 years my wife and I have lived off the grid in the mountains and have learned how to make living life on this planet much less expensive, but more importantly the many advantages of this lifestyle. In this video interview with Kate Thorvaldsen in Norway, we give some tips for those thinking about going off the grid and ways to greatly reduce your monthly expenses while enjoying at the same time a quality lifestyle. Exploring different alternative designed homes such as tiny homes and the advantages of each and living remotely and self sufficiently.
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  • Recently did a video show in Norway with host Kate Thorvaldsen regarding disclosure and the control of our perceptions through the mainstream media ever since Allen Dulles setup Operation Mockingbird almost 70 years ago in 1950, which has expanded its operations dramatically since then and refined its engineering of the public's perceptions to a fine science in order to hide the historical truth of this infiltration that both presidents JFK and Eisenhower attempted to warn the public about and its implications. This show was an experiment for fun using a green screen for the first time to display related graphics in the background to complement the discussion. https://youtu.be/JpN2xjf5LiQ
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  • Sharing a talk show I recently did regarding QAnon and the hit movie "Above Majestic" which I was honored to participate in which covered an amazing amount of disclosing information regarding the implications of disclosure of the secret space programs and so much more. This eye-opening production was the #1 documentary when it was recently first released on Amazon and iTunes. Covering what really happened at the end of WWII that the history books purposely hid regarding the complete SS infiltration of the US and the various extraterrestrial alliances and treaties that were made between different factions. How today QAnon is a result of decades of efforts to bring down the deep-state cabal and their dark agenda, and what potentially very soon the world is about to experience as a result of the efforts of these good people within our military and intelligence community that stems as far back to February of 1955 with President Eisenhower and his later warning to the public. It's a lot to cover in a mere 2 hours.
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  • What if the Federal Grand Jury that commenced this month reveals irrefutable evidence that the 9/11 event was indeed an orchestrated false flag event and were able to identify those behind it?

    Exposing the full truth of 9/11 would expose all the actions that followed - Many indications show that if it was indeed a false flag attack done as an inside job, as the majority of the public believe, and not simply a "conspiracy theory", then by exposing this treasonous act makes it possible for all of the public to be able to clearly see past the controlled mainstream media manipulated official story into the real full intentions and the long-range planned agenda of those behind these actions that followed this event that initiated the longest war in American history in the Middle East with the death toll in millions which has made us less safe and impacted our freedoms with the creation of the Patriot Act with Homeland Security, the NDAA, Project BioShield Act, Executive Secrecy Orders and so many other actions which have since been initiated directly as a result utilizing the justification of the 9/11 false flag event. All of it would then be based on a manipulated lie to the American people and our military forces.
    The Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry
    To develop and implement a detailed legal strategy to achieve transparency and accountability under the law, regarding the unprosecuted crimes of 9/11
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