I'm planning a party on the moon... I'm calling it "Moon Fest Party" and you're all invited when it eventuates. When I was a kid I may have been a victim of the fake abduction program... I have a very faint memory of seeing a oval faced, almond eyed, grey type of being at my window... What's not faint are the memories of the recurring nightmare I had involving that same being but this type there were a zillion of them... All around... I used to try to scream then I had no voice... Go away nightmare... I've got the hairs all raising on me just thinking about it... Moon Fest Party is where it's at now... Let's forget the bad and have a beautiful party on the moon! What a great thing that would be! I love you all... We are the creator... Nothing is impossible or too far fetched.
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  • October 11, 1991
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