• DROP EVERYTHING and read this RIGHT NOW! Seriously. This is the Mother of All Books!

    Full-length, six-section Ebook with searingly urgent and imminent message that you need to hear right now.

    Everything we have been working for, after all these years, is coming to a head by mid-September.

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  • In case you haven't seen it yet, check out our new article discussing the launch of Above Majestic!

    Somehow we ended up hitting #1 on Amazon and Itunes, the top two movie platforms, on the first day in the documentary category!

    The article has a variety of discussions in it that are not in the film, so check it out!

    Discussion of David's Critical New Disclosure Film -- #1 Documentary!
    Today, October 30th, 2018, "Above Majestic" enjoys its worldwide debut. The Secret Space Program, Q Anon, elongated skulls, ETs, the Cabal and so much more have all been rolled into one film for the very first time. David Wilcock has top billing and extended screen time in the movie, making it
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  • DON'T MISS THIS: Our first new article in six weeks... jam-packed with highly relevant information!!!

    On Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, the mysterious Q Anon revealed that we are not alone in the universe, and that we do indeed have a Secret Space Program.

    This is arguably the single most exciting development we’ve had in the entire time we’ve been doing this research… which has been full-time since February 1993.

    Q Anon is the only officially-sanctioned voice of the Alliance today… a high-level group diligently working to create mass arrests of the Cabal and disclosure.

    MOMENT OF TRUTH: Q Anon Discloses Secret Space Program
    On Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, the mysterious Q Anon revealed that we are not alone in the universe, and that we do indeed have a Secret Space Program. This is arguably the single most exciting development we've had in the entire time we've been doing this research... which has been full-tim
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  • THIS IS IT... After two months, we have another MUST-SEE, three-part mega-article on pending mass arrests!

    Q and 5 other sources confirm spy satellites have been taken down in a stunning Alliance checkmate move.

    This "mass blinding" of the bad guys may very well be one of the final precursors to the mass arrests.

    The indictment count is now up to well over 51,000. They aren't just going to sit there.

    Never before have we seen so many different sources of intel all converging quite like this.

    We have likened it to seeing seven cherries appear all at once in the slot machine. Now we "wait for it."

    In the meantime, there are certain things we should all be thinking about in terms of preparation.

    This includes making sure "Alerts" are turned on with your phone for emergencies.

    You may very much want to hear what the phone will have to say if / when something like this happens.

    We cannot know for sure if this is real, but dive in and review the compelling evidence for yourself!

    Spread this far and wide before it becomes much more difficult to do so. It won't take long.

    Stunning New Briefings: Spy Satellites Down, Deep State Arrests Finally Imminent?
    Six different insider sources have confirmed that several spy satellites and computer systems for the Deep State have been blinded... in a stunning attack. There is widespread agreement among these insider sources that some sort of major, visible action against this genocidal, globalist entity is
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  • Just broke 4000 friends here on Onstellar! Thanks to everyone for your support and we will be seeing some of you this weekend.
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  • The three-hour video of me with Emery Smith is now available for purchase and viewing at $49!

    TONS of new intel came through on portals, time travel, white gold, underground bases, Disclosure, telepathy, ET physiology, Tall Whites, autopsies, off-planet locations, etc.

    I can honestly say this is the best talk we've ever done. It is incredibly packed with intel for only three hours and the live audience was utterly stunned!

    We will be keeping the archived video active for now and you can dive in and check it out.

    Remember also that Emery is in urgent financial distress and this event was designed to help him afford to move into the rental home he just got this past week (thank God).

    Your purchase of this video helps to directly support disclosure, and you will want to watch it multiple times to soak it all in! Plus the banter between us is hilarious.

    I don't know how long we will be able to keep the Livestream link active, so if you are interested, now is the time to jump in!

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  • Our event for Emery Smith still has over 100 seats available. Please remember that he is still in dire financial need. This event was designed to provide value in exchange.

    We are going to ROCK the disclosure for you tomorrow night and use the footage for an upcoming film! Tickets for the event are 111 or you can get the livestream for 49.

    VIP tickets have sold out, so please consider general admission so you can be "boots on the ground" at this historic moment in disclosure -- and feel the love!

    This will be the most far-reaching, awe-inspiring overview of Emery's testimony that we have ever done, including a wealth of new, never-before-revealed intel. Don't miss it!



    Purchase Live Stream Tickets here: https://divinecosmos.com/store/emery-livestream/
    eTown Events: Emery Smith -- Alien Autopsy, Crash Retrieval, Time Travel
    Emery Smith, former Air Force field medic, is changing the course of UFO history. Emery has provided detailed accounts of autopsying over 3,000 alien specimens, and over 1200 nealy complete bodies. As a result, we are gaining new intel about the massive number of alien species we share our universe with. Emery speaks out despite threats on his life and is finally opening up with deeper levels of information he obtained regarding our ability to time travel, the alien body trade, and the advances in technology and medicine he gained from his exposure to alien technology. David Wilcock will host the event.
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  • Major updates to the article I just posted. This is a MUST-SEE, even if you already read the article. Scroll down to the red text at the end and have at it!

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  • This month has been flagged by Q as a major tipping point for disclosure. We also heard briefings about the return of stolen funds. Don't miss this, including the new updates at the end!

    New Briefings: Alliance Seizing Trillions Stolen By Deep State, Preparing to Give It Back
    At least four independent insider sources have revealed that the Alliance is now locating and legally seizing trillions and trillions of dollars in assets stolen by the Deep State. The money is set to be released back into the legitimate economy as "prosperity funds" that could almost immediately
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  • Making the final preparations for today's talk on the Antarctic Atlantis at Contact in the Desert. With the way things are heating up this may be the last event I do before we have some major public breakthroughs!
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