"Art of Peace" .. PERCEPTION IS THE ULTIMATE MYSTERY , SEEING IS NOT USING THE EYES ALONE , As you believe - because you're thinking .. so when you're thinking about life .. you're not really seeing.
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Mind is a dimension in consciousness
A reality that is made of thought   As the thoughts and images we hold will manifest their mirror likenesses in our external circumstances.   The mental plane is our world of thought...   Our thoughts are shaping our reality into .. NOW at every moment.   New discoveries suggest that our world is the mirror of our beliefs.   By changing our expectations, we...
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  • Control the power of love with happy chemicals
    Romance and its mysterious happy chemicals . Those intimate gestures of true love and deep affection from the one who gets our emotions following that stirs up our most passionate nature in an instant.   Oxytocin “the cuddle hormone” Oxytocin is the glue that binds together healthy relationships. It reduces cardiovascular stress and improves the immune system....
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  • Unreleased Pink Floyd "Moonhead" -1969-
    Apollo 11’s landing on the moon.   If you were alive on July 20, 1969, you were likely doing one of two things: Watching astronaut Neil Armstrong’s historic giant leap for mankind, or packing for Woodstock.   Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour also watched the lunar landing on July 20th, but recently wrote in The Guardian that he and his bandmates were...
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     The seventh spiritual law of success is the Law of Dharma, which states that every sentient being has a purpose in life.   We all have unique abilities and our very own way of expressing them.   There are needs in this world for which our specific talents are ideally suited, and when the world's needs are matched with the creative expression of our talents, our purpose -...
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  • Seized by an unknown spirit
      Zār refers to the spirit, or the illness brought on by spirit possession and the rituals necessary to their pacification. The zār ritual is performed to bring about certain spirits who then possess a human host and manipulate their behavior in a way that allows for identification of different zār species.   The cult exists today throughout northern Sudan and similar versions of...
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  • All the elements of a dream
    Definition of belief - an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof, trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.   Hello  Higherside  by LAUREN SILVA  5 min     Although it’s natural to identify with our beliefs and believe they are absolutely true, by nature of being a belief, no belief is indisputably...
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  • Like the moon and the stars and the sun
    John Lennon wrote Instant Karma one morning, then called together his band and asked George Harrison and Billy Preston to record later in the evening. Lennon both wrote "Instant Karma" and managed to complete the recording of the song within one day. Lennon had also hand picked the drummer here to be in his post Beatles band after listening to him and seeing him play. His name? Alan White....
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  • I was not born on this planet
    Everyone thinks I am American Indian, I put that down on all the documents I complete, but the truth is, I was raised by a Indian woman who took me as her grandchild.   I was on board a spacecraft that crashed on Earth. Mary Blevins, who was in her 70s, found me. The crash site was near her house. She apparently heard the crash, went to investigate, and she found me. From what I can...
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  • Finding awareness in the dream world
    Olfactory oneirogens, scents that promote vivid dreams, are   Mugwort: Produces complex, vivid dreams   Rose: Counteracts bad dreams, produces pleasant, sweet dreams   Lavender: Promotes sleep, counteracts insomnia.   During sleep, your body releases chemicals that paralyze you, to keep you from acting out your dreams.   However, sense of smell and hearing...
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  • Abaris the Hyperborean
    The most famous prophet of the Hyperboreans was probably Abaris who was given a magical arrow by the god Apollo on which he flew around the world performing miracles. Some say this arrow was the one which Apollo had used to slay the Cyclopes which had been hidden beneath a Hyperborean mountain. He passed the arrow on to Pythagoras. In 6 B.C. Aristotle regarded Pythagoras a prophet of the...
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  • THE GREAT CONSPIRACY of the Archon Control Matrix
    "The Age of Monotheism, Spirituality, and the Fish" The Age of Pisces is characterized by the rise of many religions such as Christianity (founded 1st Century), Islam (founded 7th Century) and Buddhism (founded 6th to 4th Century BC) due to the "spiritual" nature of Pisces and its ability to go beyond the boundaries of the physical world.   The Age of Pisces is mainly marked by the...
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