What's up! I'm Dino. I'm just another soul incredibly grateful for the astronomical opportunity to experience reality as a human for an incredibly short period of time on this living, conscious, rock flying through the cosmos. I truly treasure this human experience, because we get to inhabit this human body; a vehicle which in a literal sense is a multidimensional operating system that allows us to not only experience a physical reality as we do here in third-density reality on Earth, but to also access and experience non-physical realities that are coexisting with this reality in dimensions or densities that most of us Earth dwellers are still trying to understand. Not to mention we can also access and download information that exists in those different dimensions or densities(e.g., the Akashic Records) to help us understand and navigate through the stream of this experience. Shaman's do it all the time. We all do it all the time whether we're conscious of it or not. I know, i know.. That's pretty far out there for some folks, but who knows? Think about this.. Current science has shown that we can only "see" what the visible light spectrum reveals, which amounts to the tiniest fraction of all that can theoretically be seen within the full spectrum of energy. Basically, there is an extremely high probability that a lot more is going on here than most of us can even imagine. After discovering all of this through personal experience, I quickly realized how incredibly little I knew about this mysterious little human experience I'm having. All I wanted to do was understand it. I had so many questions. Before I knew it I was immersed in the matrix of information; downloading as much knowledge as I possibly could on the topics I knew would help me figure out the answers to some of my questions and maybe help me make sense of some of those unexplainable experiences. Here's what I started researching: sacred geometry and other mechanics of the universe(Fibonacci sequence, phi, fractals, etc.), history of ancient civilizations and their origins(Lemurians, Atlanteans, Sumerians, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Annunaki, Draco, Avians, Pleiadians, etc. etc.), a handful of the different religions and their origins(the three Abrahamic ones, and Hinduism), Mysticism and other hidden sacred knowledge of ancient and modern times(the Hermetic Principles, the Emerald Tablets, etc), spirituality.. lots of it, philosophy.. lots of that too.. Ancient Alien Theory is a good one. I don't necessarily subscribe to all the claims made by Ancient Alien theorists, but just the general claim that intelligent extraterrestrial life visited earth in ancient times and profoundly affected the development of human civilization. I mean.. ALL of the religions make the same claim just with different vocabulary(e.g.: angels, deities, gods, etc.; they're all beings that are described as non-human and not terrestrial to Earth, which would make them... extraterrestrials). It's an interesting perspective to contemplate if nothing else. Lastly, I can't forget to mention one of the biggest parts of my research was on political science and social psychology which helped me understand how "the few" have controlled "the many" for thousands of years. Then I started "connecting the dots." Warning... the rabbit hole gets pretty damn deep and It's absolutely fascinating. You might not want to come back out! Especially when the majority of what you'll experience out here on the surface during this point in history is a completely polarized world full of confused people who obsessively invest their energy into hating each other over politics, religion, and all the other manufactured ideologies designed to keep us all divided and easily controlled. The oldest trick in the book "divide and conquer" is still happening right now in 2018 and working better than ever. It really is. It's quite sad, but in the end it will wake us all up. We'll eventually realize the human race can make it a lot further as a unified organism than an organism at war with itself. It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out, yet, here we are, not only killing each other, but also killing the planet, and killing off the animals too. That being said, although I am grateful and mindful of the fact that I've been given this crazy opportunity of experiencing reality as a human at this breathtakingly beautiful location in the cosmos, I definitely have some things to figure out and heal in this lifetime and I'm pretty sure I'm having this particular human experience to learn how to love unconditionally in a beautiful physical reality that is stained with violent, disconnected, brainwashed idiots. So far, I've been able to achieve brief moments of it through music so I spend a lot of time in the music world; creating it and listening to it. If you don't find me there, I'm probably digging deeper down the rabbit hole. You'll very rarely find me on the surface engaging in surface issues that create more polarization. Our time here is extremely limited. It's the most valuable thing we have. I choose not to invest mine trying to convince others my beliefs are right and theirs are wrong. After all, they are just beliefs. Beliefs have been the premise of all war and division on the planet for centuries. I don't want to believe, I want to KNOW.
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