Creator/alien/extraterrestrial between the humans, in game of the life. --------------------------------------- In Form ATI On --------------------------------------- In my profile find you descriptions for practical use. --------------------------------------- The immortal creator contains the jester, the jester contains the mortal, the mortal contains the immortal creator. In one spirit. --------------------------------------- Is only the one/single law of the “universe/natural/nature/self/existence”: The cause contains the consequence - precisely fit/according to the intention. --------------------------------------- UniVerse InSpirAtIOn InFormAtIOn InSpiritUs
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See the self; tools for practice with the mirror - solutions for transparency
  For those, who are interested in practice (because the theories/opinions/gossip/etc., - are for human mortals).  A little describe to that:   I "switched me On" in this body - when was 4 year, after 3 years of my arrival, when this body was 7 years - I was in practicing with the mirror.   From this recognition games of/with self, is today`s description of two...
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