Dream interpreter, Dream Language teacher and Dream Yoga coach, author, researcher, truth seeker, student of the Law of One, mystic and poet.
  • Studied Applied Mathematics, Business, Counselling at Russian, French & NZ educational institutions
    Class of 1992, 1999, 2016
  • Lives in Nelson, New Zealand
  • From Moscow, Russia
  • Female
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    Each of us who is incarnating on Earth now has a duty/privilege to smoothen the transition of our planet to the next density. Even though there are many predictions about catastrophic events that our planet is going to endure because of the mismatch between true green ray vibrations and current state of the human consciousness, still there is opportunity to avoid these cataclysms.  ...
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  • How to escape from corporate slavery and start following your true calling
    One of the biggest tragedies of modern life is that people have to spend most of their time outside of their true calling.   Profession without a passion – it makes one’s life dull and uninspiring, inclining the person to wish for Friday as early as Monday.  When the eagerly anticipated weekend comes, there is barely enough time to recover from the previous working...
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  • How to be conscious
    There is a lot of talking in recent years about people becoming able to raise the level of their consciousness and about humanity approaching the period of consciousness renaissance. Those are very promising and inspiring ideas, but what does it mean for an average person in terms of becoming conscious in their everyday life?   The formula is the following: to be conscious means to know...
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  • DREAMWORK in the “MOONLIGHT” (as defined by the Law of One)
    The role of genuine dreamwork on the path to spiritual awakening and self-transformation can be truly monumental, and an adept may need no other guidance other than coming from his/her dreams in order to reach the highest goal in personal development and enlightenment.   But such a tool as a dreamwork is double-edge sword that can be used for both: cutting through the walls of personal...
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    The stage when most are prone to mistakes in life is when the childhood is over, and adulthood has not begun yet. Everything suddenly changes for the child: from unusual hormonal makeup of the body to the new range of possibilities and responsibilities. The risk of death during the adolescence is quite high, and suicide is a big part of it.   There are many different reasons for someone...
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  • Formula for successful dreamwork
    It may seem that our ability to remember dreams is the only condition for successful work with dreams. I would say that such ability is not a pre-requisite, but rather the result of having other key ingredients in place. It means that if someone believes they don’t have any dreams or are not able to recall them, there is a simple solution for changing it: as soon as they acquire the...
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    Humanity was fascinated by dreams for millennia, but modern people pay more attention to reading news in the morning rather than recalling and interpreting their own dreams of the previous night.   Why such neglect to the gifts from the unconscious? It can be partly explained by the nature of the dreams which is symbolic. Metaphors of dreams need to be decoded in order to be understood,...
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  • Namaste, my fellow seekers of truth and awakened beings!
    I'm going to use this platform for sharing the knowledge of working with dreams. Feel free to read the posts and articles on my page, I'll be consistently adding information on the subject of dreams and dreaming that comes from my own writing and from other researchers in the same field.
    Your questions regarding the dreamwork are welcome.
    If sharing this info and/or art, please don't forget to mention the author as we are projecting to the external world the very experience that we are willing to receive back.
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  • Dreams can keep you going and keep you nourished
    "Dreams can keep you going and keep you nourished. They also provide a positive outlet for self-interest and self-expression. Our inherent selfishness can be used in a most beneficial way – to get to know ourselves. You will find that the many images in dreams give you both positive and negative information about who you are and where you are in your development. Your dreams can tell you...
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