• What if the whole "we are one" "just one soul here" is just a lie by other dimensional beings trying to trick us into giving up out individually? How would we really know?

    And if it is real, and life is just a test and a learning experience, is knowing that we are all one and the same like cheating on the test? It's easy to treat people right when you realize that you are basically interacting with yourself.

    Isn't that the definition of selfishness? Just caring about how YOU are treated?


    Isn't that why God was mad in the garden? Humans were given knowledge. Not that I take genesis literal mind you, but maybe he was mad that we were given a cheat code thereby inhibiting actual soul growth through the struggle of separation.

    Not saying I actually believe this is the case, just thinking of other possibilities. #f2b #soulthoughts #reality
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