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This is a real reptilian in space with its head sticking out of a tube. Notice it's strange green hue?

There are many feeding tubes just like this dotted across the universe.
This is how a race of aliens known as the spiderlins eat.
To them Reptilians are food, they are hunted throughout the universe like chicken.

The larger beaked spiderlins will pierce the fontanelle at the top of the head and eat particular brain secretions, smaller spiderlins feast within the tube on the body.
The Reptilian has a fontanelle like us because we are devolved Reptilians and these great green creatures are our ancient ancestors that fought against the spiderlins & siphons in the first war.

The Reptilian like other Allies will remain alive and be devoured perpetually in space as the spiderlins prefer to eat their food fresh.

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