• spontaneously written earlier this morning...

    Meditation in the woods
    Symphony of Sounds
    Centering in the Heart
    Gratitude to Gaia
    Birds celebrating the new dawn
    Grounding to Inner Earth
    Recalibrating personal energy centers
    Connecting to Andromeda
    Thanking this physical body

    Calm...stillness...the void within...
    Going deeper and deeper within...deeper and deeper within
    Suddenly, stealth steps crunching leaves
    One step...another...another...
    In the stillness, sound of crunching steps like cymbals crashing
    Eyes still closed...listening...
    Feeling vibration of each slow, steady
    crunch...crunch...crunch in every cell of my being

    City Woman...fear arises...who is it? what is it?
    Spirit Woman...stay in heart, imaginination creates fear
    fear is illusion
    Slowly open eyes...focusing back in 3D..
    Sound of another crunch draws my searching gaze
    Where is "it"?....What is "it"?

    Tears of joy as beauty of Creatress is sighted...
    A majestic female deer...slowly dancing past me in the woods
    Each stealth step crunch...crunch....crunch
    Breathing the blessing into my heart...
    Eye open meditation on serenity...
    Stillness...grace...divine perfection

    Human self grabs phone to "capture" moment...
    Creatress Deer vanishes
    Divine Moment captured in heart...

    #gaia #divinepoetry #gratitude #meditation #creatress #voidwithin #ascension #awakening #goddess #goldengoddesses #symphonyofnature #illusionoffear #motherfathergod #5D #5thDimension #ashli
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  • So looking forward to interviewing Paul Richardson, New Earth Visionary and Sustainable Architect tonight at 7pm PT on Threshold to Ascension Radio on bbsradio.com
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  • From Architect of 5 star Resorts to Heart Centered Eco-Friendly community building - interview tonight 7pm PT August 9th on Threshold to Ascension Radio
    Aloha all...please excuse my naivety in posting on Onstellar....I'm learning the ins and outs as I go and am not sure of the etiquette...so, if I post something "out of place" please let me know...  Heart Hugs, Ashli I'm excited to share that tonight on Threshold to Ascension Radio on bbsradio.com I'll be interviewing an amazing man that I had the honor of meeting in November of 2017...
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  • greatful.....grateful....laughing at human moment
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  • Aloha everyone....it's 8:8 the Lions Gate Portal and such a powerful time!
    Heart Hugs to all!

    Joseph & I just got settled in a beautiful private sanctuary on 5 acres of tree-filled land in Southern Oregon where the trees talk every day. Yes we are surrounded by the Southern Oregon fires but we are safe and the trees here are filled with joy and healing light.

    Our cabin is perfect and there are 2 yurts, a dome building, an earth bag building and more. We are so greateful and so blessed.... I'm choosing to make more time to be part of the Onstellar Community now and look forward to connecting. I'm a newbie at Social Media so looking forward to laughing at my human moments and when I stumble.

    In my heart, Unity Consciousness is indeed about
    * laughing at our human moments and remembering the Light we are
    * taking personal inventory and course correcting when we're in our wounds
    * celebrating each other's awakening and gifts
    * holding space for each other
    * coming together in empowered compassion (not enabling) when one is hurting
    * speaking our truth from our hearts without a need for validation and without attachment to the response - and to honor and support others to speak their truth from their hearts.
    * continuing to raise the frequency of ourselves individually, of the planet and the collective as a whole by walking our walk and talking our talk....
    * Building the bridge between the discernement of the Mental Body and the Divine Wisdom of the Higher Heart and Higher Mind.

    It's not about talking about others behind their backs or casting people out who are truly engaged in their healing journey. Yes there is a great deal of disharmony in the collective and with the darkness of the archonic infiltration. Awareness of whaat is out of balance to me brings with it the responsibility to hold a higher frequency than the frequency of what we wish to see healed...

    My guidance is that individually and collectively remembering who we are and raising our own frequency is the path to Unity Consciousness...to the New Earth.

    That's my vision of Unity Consciousness. What is yours?

    Heart Hugs, Ashli
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