• A Dream i had after thanking the alliance for their sacrifices. Probable Contact I believe.
    This is not a professional article loaded with facts instead this a personal account of a dream i had after making a youtube video on my last channel before deleting it. Thanking the alliance for their sacrifice. I wrote the dream down in my journal at 5:11am but I forgot to write the date. It was like i was in an illuminati disney world with pineal gland symbology right infront of my face. I...
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  • Pentagon Finally Admits It Investigates UFO's (MSM)
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  • Great Pyramid Of Giza about to give up 4,000 year old secret! Disclosure?
    Disclosure?   https://mysticalraven.com/news/7462/the-great-pyramid-of-giza-mysterious-chambers-hiding-a-4000-year-old-secret-about-to-be-revealedhttps://mysticalraven.com/news/7462/the-great-pyramid-of-giza-mysterious-chambers-hiding-a-4000-year-old-secret-about-to-be-revealed
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  • THIS IS IT... After two months, we have another MUST-SEE, three-part mega-article on pending mass arrests!

    Q and 5 other sources confirm spy satellites have been taken down in a stunning Alliance checkmate move.

    This "mass blinding" of the bad guys may very well be one of the final precursors to the mass arrests.

    The indictment count is now up to well over 51,000. They aren't just going to sit there.

    Never before have we seen so many different sources of intel all converging quite like this.

    We have likened it to seeing seven cherries appear all at once in the slot machine. Now we "wait for it."

    In the meantime, there are certain things we should all be thinking about in terms of preparation.

    This includes making sure "Alerts" are turned on with your phone for emergencies.

    You may very much want to hear what the phone will have to say if / when something like this happens.

    We cannot know for sure if this is real, but dive in and review the compelling evidence for yourself!

    Spread this far and wide before it becomes much more difficult to do so. It won't take long.

    Stunning New Briefings: Spy Satellites Down, Deep State Arrests Finally Imminent?
    Six different insider sources have confirmed that several spy satellites and computer systems for the Deep State have been blinded... in a stunning attack. There is widespread agreement among these insider sources that some sort of major, visible action against this genocidal, globalist entity is
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  • Excerpt from book Decoding the Great Pyramid
    More on why the Great Pyramid of Giza is utterly amazing: Excerpt from the book, Decoding the Great Pyramid explaining the path of the Seeker for Truth and how persistence is rewarded and a "dark night the soul" is some sort of initiation into what is called the "regions of light" (heaven?). Which i heard from David Wilcock as well. Notice how it says "returning initiates." those who study...
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  • Science Fiction Short Story 2 - Lisa and Mike The Wanderer's
    Lisa crept low to the floor while carefully crossing the window in hopes of not being seen by the security guards in the next room. "that one particular security guard" she says under her breathe. "why does he always have to wear a jacket in the 90 degree heat?" A question many people have wondered but still remains a mystery as to why. The nurse then excitedly approaches the door. "Only a few...
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  • Yahoo news reports Antarctica revelations
    https://newsd.co/shocking-revelation-reason-antarctica-garnered-world-wide-attention/?utm_campaign=antartica-secret-clone2-g&utm_medium=invoice&utm_source=gemini&k=y3446&utm_term=NEWS_US&utm_content=1&sp=2  - Operation High Jump - Antarctica - Piri Reis Map -Fourth Reich * UFO*    
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  • Quick question for anyone who tuned into the Dimensions of Disclosure weekend conference: Did David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Emery Smith speak at all last night? Because I can't find them on the saturday live stream feed and other than Dr. Michael Salla they were like the main reason i bought the tickets...if anyone knows can you let me know? thanks in advance.
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  • My Science Fiction Short Story Of a human messenger and E.T.'s
    The E.T.'s realized the human was full of crap. They warned him with an intense warning that was not spoken by mouth, but instead by thought transference. The human immediately knew he was out of his league and there was no chance of manipulating beings more evolved than he was. The E.T.'s told him "Tell your world leaders, stop destroying your planet and holding your people under financial...
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  • Great book
    An excellent eye opening book for anyone interested in the Private history of Antarctica, How German Secret Societies funded and used Hitler, The Nazi Secret Space Programs, The 1955 Agreement Eisenhower made with the German Breakaway society at Hallomon AFB, The Vril prototype UFO's, The Extraterrestrial part in helping the Antartic Germans....and much more. Also testomines from Whistleblowers...
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