As a Medical Intuitive, I get to work with people from all over the world - which I love. I am also an ordained minister and Hawaiian Kahu who marries couples on the beach in Hawaii. I am a very curious person who knew as a child there were many different beings from the cosmos. I enjoy pondering the meaning of life and exploring consciousness, physics, metaphysics, and the alchemical process of healing. I love music, the ocean, honest people, and pistachios.
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Hummm. Saw this off the shore of Waikiki last June.
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  • The Spiritual Lesson of 5G Installation Worldwide
    The Spiritual Lesson for Humanity in the oncoming 5G wireless installation worldwide by L. Grace Christian, Medical Intuitive   Through this process of learning of the 5G plan and the devastating effects on our physical and mental health, I have been going into the silence to understand what the message may be for humanity as I do not believe that anything happens by chance.  I...
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  • 2 Children Drop Dead Once Wifi is Installed
    "Two children have dropped dead in Simcoe County Schools  since Wi-Fi was installed..."  ~ Rodney Palmer Rodney Palmer gives concerning testimony to the Royalty Society of Canada on how the roll out of powerful wi-fi systems in Canadian schools may account for debilitating and even deadly side effects, such as sudden cardiac arrest in students Rodney Palmer's Testimony on Oct 28th,...
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  • Kim-Possible -Helping Trump Plan - Fascinating Blog Post
    CLARIFICATION: Statement of support for President Trump and clarification of her position, from Kim-Possible 9/30/2018 NOT MY VIEWS I have just had this video sent to me by an associate of mine and I feel I need to address this, not only to anyone who may or may not listen to this, but directly to President Trump and the United States...
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  • Sonic Cracking Sounds on Oahu, Hawaii
    Last night at 2:30am in the early morning of September 27, there were several incredibly loud sonic cracking sounds on Oahu.  These were so loud it woke most people on the island up.  They were heard in the air or atmosphere - it was hard to tell where they came from. Anyone have any idea what is going on?
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  • 5G Wireless Causes Brain Damage
    5G Wireless is Dangerous!  It is causing brain damage - just one of many incredibly dangerous conditions in the body.  See this video about what it did to firefighters who had it installed in their firehouse.
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  • Your Consciousness Eliminated Hurricane! Thank you!!
    Mahalo (thank you) to all of you who responded to my request to join our consciousness to stop Hurricane Lane in Hawaii.  The Big Island got tons of rain, but the other islands did not sustain any water or wind damage.  Unexpectedly, Maui had a huge brush fire (can ony imagine where that came from).   I believe your help changed everything!!   Mahalo!!    ...
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  • We are here to wake up the masses!
    This message relates to my last article.  It is a message delivered to us through Barbara Marciniak from the Pleiadians.  It specifically addressed to The Family of Light.     We are disseminating our knowledge to the rest of the population - to those who do not even realize they are in prison. We will succeed in liberating the other humans.   What happens on...
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  • Understanding the Family of Dark - that which is not the Family of Light
    If you have not read the book "Family of Light" by Barbara Marciniak, this may be a good time to read it.  I read it years ago and all that was written is making sense now as we see how the Family of Dark is using clever tactics to make us believe that which is not true.   The book says that the Family of Dark has been at this for eons and, therefore, they know exactly how to...
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  • Join CONSCIOUSNESS to Change Hurricane!
    I believe our consciousness affects the weather on Earth - as we have been told by many highly evolved beings.   Can we join together to shift Hurricane Lane away from any and all islands?  Will you join me in imagining that  the coming hurricane veers off the current path and dissipates harmlessly in the sea? Thank you from O'ahu and all of Hawaii !!!
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  • Be Informed . . . and Raise Your Frequency!
    When things get especially distressing in the world, I return again and again to the work of Neville.  His work reminds me that I have control over my own frequency and outcomes - even if it does not appear so in my reality at the time. Imagine what incredibly wonderful things can be created by using this simple technique.   This is a case history included in the book The Law and...
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