• An ERUPTION of synchronisities abound!!!! part 2
    Ok, I just had to go ahead and post this one too. I think Bjork is much more aware of the underlying shifts and reconnections that are occuring than anyone could guess. I saw this when it first came out, and it struck such a dee, deep chord with me, I just have to share it with you all <3 So beautiful!!!! Enjoy!!!!  
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  • An ERUPTION of synchronisities abound!!!!
    Came across this today, and was struck by the syncronisities I picked up from watching this, considering all the volcanic activity that has been going on lately. This is from her album from 2011 called "Biophilia". She has recently come out with a new album called "UTOPIA", which is literally OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! She has always been rather "otherworldly" but she really lets it shine with her...
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  • Good day Stellar friends!! I am in search of something and know that one or some of you can point me in the right direction. I have been looking for a reliable , pure source of Monatomic Gold, but feel a bit overwhelmed as to which is the best source. I would prefer some that has not been chemically extracted from salt, but am not finding very many options. Do any of you amazing beings know where one could acquire that which I seek?? Please feel free to pm me if you prefer. I thank you very kindly!! Have a most splendid day!!
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  • Hello new friends!!! Im so happy to have this space to connect with so many other cosmic people!! I have had countless supernatural/unexplained/spiritual experiences my entire life, especially as a child, and to this day. I always felt like I was weird because I just could not relate to the "real world" and could understand and felt alot more comfortable in/talking about/studying other-worldly, esoteric, and metaphysical topics. Nothing about my life has been or is "normal", and i have kind of retreated into semi-hermitude (is that even a word!?) for most of my life because I just felt too sensitive and weird in society. This is actually a big deal for me to join an online group again, and to post an actual picture of myself (!), but I feel safe here, and not weird at all. I have finally found my people!!! I look forward to sharing some of my experiences that I have had throughout my life, and send so much Love to all of you!!!!!!
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