An Enigma: long term healthy relationships, but never married; deeply intellectual, a voracious reader yet like to party and go wild every now and then; deeply spiritual but not dogmatically religious. Spirituality could be described as 90% Tibetan Buddhist with the remaining 10% being Neo-Pagan for hedonistic measures; someone has to run around naked and howl at the moon, right? A gourmet cook but prefer to stay at home rather than eat out. Used to model but now shun things (mostly anyway) material. Love children but have none of my own, however I am known to be a virtual Pied Piper to both children and animals when in presence of same. I do, however, have a perpetual two year old named Durga, who is extremely spoiled and has yet to discover she's not human. Into quantum physics, chaos theory, esoteric theologies and philosophy, especially those pre-sophistic. Hesse and Jung are my personal heroes of this century; Tom Robbins and Robert Anton Wilson are close seconds as is Ayn Rand. And Just Who Is John Galt Anyway?
  • Controller/Operations Manager at Private Equity Fund
  • Lives in Naples
  • From Palm Beach
  • Female
  • Single
  • March 29, 1968
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