I first became interested in this subject when my non believing father (he still doesn't believe) told me how it took him and a friend 9hours to drive less than 100 kilometres during the early eighties. After researching as best I could back then I discovered stories of lost time. Since then I have read and watched everything I could find from UFO sightings, abductions to poltergeist activity and everything in between. I have had health issue's all of my life so I had much time to read what was available and garner many questions. Questions I hope we all find answers to.
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  • Thank you OnStellar for bringing this platform to us. I am looking forward to having an involvement with like minded people and delving further into the unknown, the misunderstood and the suppressed. I have found myself alone many times due to my beliefs regarding many aspects of so called conspiracies and the paranormal, but now look forward to being one of many discussing the real truth and what it may bring. I look forward to our discussions. Cheers!
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