• AMERICA Is A Century In The Future!
         Too much secrecy made the World believe that America is still into Oil, Jet Planes, and Satellites.  America is a Century ahead of this.  America is into Fusion Power, Flying Saucers, and Outer Space Colonies!      Coming out of WWII in 1945 America learned the secrets of NAZI Flying Saucers.  Wormholes were developed in the 1950's. ...
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  • Inside On The AURORA Project!
            Eyewitness account and insider information!     ZEG TV HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC   288K subscribers    SUBSCRIBED   Based on eye-witness accounts and insider information, This video takes the audience through a series of revelations as to how remarkable breakthrough technology, may have been back-engineered from...
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  • SOME Aliens Are Enemies!
         There are many different civilizations of Grays, of Reptilians, of Mammals, of Nordics, etc.  Most are either friendly or neutral toward us Earthlings.      Some time ago, we had a run in with a certain race of Grays.  They were ordered to leave Earth.      I would like to point out that most Grays are logical, not hostile.  One...
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  • Aliens Are Out There!
      Industrial Park Supervisor (On the Moon) that told us to leave.        Not America, nor NATO is big enough, powerful enough to stop or control Civilizations that have existed for thousands of years.  Not even with TR3-B's and anti-matter weapons.  We Earthlings are the beginners.  We are just now creeping out from our spherical shell.  ...
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  • Law Abiding Citizens Need GUNS!
         In one of my penetrations of the old Soviet Union back in the late 1970's I met up with Russian CIA.  Guns were illegal for ordinary Soviets.  A Soviet Citizen found with a gun would be sent to prison.  Guns were outlawed.  The CIA in Russia, however, had pistols.      How did they get guns?  The CIA didn't give them guns--it wasn't...
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  • Metaphysics Of ASCENSION!
         Without existence there would be a Great Void, a Nothingness.  But how can you have a Void without consciousness of it?  If you can't have a Void then you have Something.  And, if you can't have a Void without consciousness then you have Something--the consciousness itself.      So, Everything has always existed and will continue to exist...
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  • Life Extension: For Real!
         Being 72 years old I have been studying life extension.        A woman 35 years old doesn't have a 35 year old baby!  The Baby, at birth, is age 0.  But the cells of that baby came from a much older mother and father.  Your sex cells are . . . immortal!  They have their beginnings at the beginning of the human race.  ...
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  • PUBLIC DOMAIN Apollo Moon Pictures!
    Pictures of the Moon.  My pick of the thousands of pictures available from NASA.   [I wonder why there isn't more public acceptance of these pictures.  I know they are real.  NASA couldn't release anything at all about Aliens during the Apollo Missions.  Why?  Because our government forbid it (based, I believe, on the Brookings Institute and Robertson Panel...
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  • Live Coverage Of Hurricane Dorian!
         Live coverage of hurricane Dorian.  At time of post this is a Category 5 hurricane.               ABC news on Dorian:   NBC news on Dorian:    
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         America's last 50 years appear to be sterile!      Cars changed their outward designs and have a little more in computer technology.  Helicopters are still rotor blades.  Jet airplanes are still subsonic but a little safer and stable in the air.  Electricity is still poles and wires which get damaged in storms.  The manned rockets to...
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