I'm a "Long Awakened Empath" searching for my intentional tribe. There is more to the man that I AM, however, I prefer to save all of that for trusted ears who can hear the call for UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS beginning in Our lifetime. I am calling for a massive recognition of the AWAKENED Hueman Spirit. SO BE IT and SO IT IS PS: My listed "website" is work in progress... and in dire need of outside help!
  • Researcher/Musician at Home/ In The Field
  • Studied Electronics/Network Eng/New Energy Researcher/Esoteric Studies/Ascension at Self Taught
    Class of 1973/96/2004/2011
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  • What's up Onstellar? LOL....I know this is a dumb question....meaning that I cannot expect that anyone...not even one of my so-called friends here, especially those who lead me here in the first place will answer!

    The truth is, Onstellar is not the best place to get a response...unless you know how to and actually use the act of "tagging" friends you know who actually have the capacity to engage/respond to an alleged friend....and without fear because they already know you.

    In my opinion, FEAR & COMPLACENCY are the true offenders here...when you "ask for a response" (unless one has prepared by selecting a "preferred audience" of responsive friends... because NO OTHERS will respond...I think that may be due to fear and/or the decision that it isn't "their circus" nor "their personal monkeys"... that old saying that seems to me to be emerging more and more these days....it sjust eems sometimes that people just DO NOT GIVE A FLYING PHUCK and few, if any, are willing to BE THE CHANGE

    It seems to me that people are growing more fearful and complacent than ever...fearful of aligning with certain "unknowns"...as people are basically "lazy arses" when it comes to researching and then to be asked to respond...LOL..."forget about it"...too WEIRD, too much to do, but this is a fact of life on Onstellar...as per my experience here.

    Good Luck because many of us will need it (until we learn to change our strategy) if we expect even one soul to respond to an honest question posed in an original timeline comment. I'm sensing that We are all missing many great revalations due to FEAR in others who pretend to care about so called huemanity.

    Getting people to engage in just about anything has turned into a near impossibility due to the sheer numbers of scamsters, hacks and an assortment of others who prey in these venues...My personal favorite...those "selling" Satanic/Luciferian occultism as an acceptible belief system....I THINK NOT! And I don't intend to begin aligning with any of that BRAVO SIERRA (BS) here in Onstellar or any other experimental online community.

    One can't pretend innocence when we've chosen to dialog with certain online predators intending to coax others down to their level of depravity and chaotic mindset. To each their own!

    I dare anyone to respond....LOL...my motivation for this comment is because one of my Onstellar friends brought this mind-phuck to my attention...this is, when one asks for a response to an important question, the truth is, I was already aware of this NON-RESPONSIVENESS of members of Onstellar posing a "friends"...Even though I truly "get" that there are many who use this venue for their own indivualized purpose(s) of which we mortals will probably never know!!! LOL...SO BE IT and SO IT IS... I'm happy with that.

    WHY WAS ONSTELLAR CREATED? Is THIS the type of users that Onstellar attracts? I'm simply delighted to have a viable alternative to the mind-phuckery of Fakebook and ....that's basically why I joined. I've discovered that it's silly to ask anyone any questions while expecting answers....IT WON'T HAPPEN....in fact, hell will freeze over before you'll get an answer....from now on, just like on other social media, it will be a part of my approval/rejection process to ask "WHY" a potential friend would ask to be "my" friend here... or maybe continue pretending like all of the "good people" that all's well and that I'm all ZEN either way the communication goes. After all, I do NOT intend to be fixed by anyone here...just entertained whenever possible. Simply comment (to myself to archive) and then move on to the next adventure...I've discovered quite a few "adventures" in the Groups here, by the way. Check them out!!! PEACE & LOVE YA'LL!
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         The future is before us.  We live on a politically fractionated planet.  Aliens have been landing and doing things in secret.  Various Earth Countries have developed science/technology to the point where we can detect and contact Alien Ships.  But we must be careful because our science/technology may be inferior to theirs.  We are not alone!...
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  • Yes, I do still check in here to search the groups...mining for info...sorry for being a low content provider recently ya'll...too distracted studying cults and cult leaders! GOD help me!!
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  • Interview on Night Dreams Talk Radio
    I was on Gary Anderson's radio show Night Dreams last week.  We talked about my background and he asked more indepth questions about the mind fracture process and about how my time there has affected my time here.https://www.spreaker.com/user/nightdream/guest-penny-bradley-c-2019
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  • I wish that people cared about what children "can be" without the insidious and corrupted "Deep-State Programming/Indoctrinations and INNOCULATIONS "forced" upon innocent beings by an illegitimate DEEP STATE of rogue controllers! Sadly they DO NOT....with rare exceptions.

    My wife of 33 years and I never had the honor of child-bearing or raising of a child, much less the extreme hassle of ensuring their continuing DEEP STATE education/preparation of that precious life on a planet overwhelmed by lies, falsehoods, mis/disinformation and absolute trickery/skullduggery intended to confound and confuse us enough to keep us in line with THEIR intentions.

    Fortunately, We (my wife and I) don't have to submit to the insidious & vulgar "programming" beginning with Public School (Disinformation Central) Systems...funded by a wholly detached and insidious Federal Government force-feeding our children "scripted" disinfo programming by DEEP STATE ELEMENTS.

    Our children are force-fed disinformation delivered from an over-riding group of DISNFO specialists who are ostensibly involved with the dumbing down of this quickly rising Society we once called the "Land of the FREE and Home of the BRAVE"...or AMERICA. By the way, under the current set of indoctrinations, anyone who mentions a matter that has been "officially" deemed as "conspiracy" will be ostrasized with impunity and the individual will be subjugated and mocked by an overwhelming outpouring by pre-programmed idiots, who happen to be standing by...EVERYWHERE!

    We The foolish Peoples (especisally parents) get the left-overs, a genuinely confused child wrought in anger/disillusionment. All of Huemanity suffers! But then it gets worse!

    The INSIDIOUS Globalists have decided that common people (parents/potential parents) absolutely CANNOT/WILL NOT BE TRUSTED to decide for ourselves and our children, thus, enabling rogue and corrupted DEEP STATE ELEMENTS to "program our children" to more fully accept their punishments & sufferings, more and more depravity & crueity. Entrenched, rogue elements intend to use children issues to FEAR us into responding/reacting to ongoing oppressive comments, lies and moves to garner support for more harsh controls over the SOVEREIGN BEING or any free-thinking men/women, forcing them to think twice before uttering a sound in opposition to the mainstream culture, whether organic or created from ongoing BLOOD SACRIFICES to the DEEP STATE god; THeir gods are the Satanic/Luciferian gods baal/moloch. to freely express themselves in this allegedly free and open Society.

    Who wishes to raise children in a system of such hate & doubt and CONSTANT harshness...IN PLAIN SIGHT? Are at least "some" of you aware of this insidious treatment? My wife and I are VERY HAPPY that we did not bring more people into this World NOW only to have them (and Us) SUFFER this ongoing treatment...with too many half-wits deciding who and what We are.

    This is beyond depressing to me. SO DEPRESSING for anyone who actually listens to the horrific "noise" that intends to be heard. Thank GOD We have not brought children into this MUCK! Are there other childless couples out there with similar feelings. We need to get together and have a beer or a glass of wine, LOL. I'm NOT sorry that I did not bring another life into this world to suffer. I am very proud of the parents who are standing up, FIGHTING THE LIARS and THEIR LIES. I very much look forward to the swamp being drained and am sorry for NOTHING!

    Anyone care to comment, positive or negative, then please bring it on.
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    A reassuring smile; A comforting touch; The knowing that there is someone Someone Who "can and will" stick up for YOU...Yes, there are many positive attributes of FAMILY  FINDING AND SUPPORTING A PARTNER! Family matters are easy to discuss since family matters most to most of us. I didn't spend the 1st half of my adult life raising children and was fortunate enough to meet...
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  • Great interview! I'm reposting because I feel that this "growing concern" needs better exposure so that We can offset with positive intentions. This was posted right here on Onstellar by user of@mikeHUHMAN . SHARE if you get a chance, elsewise, give it a good listen. There are many revalations here which some may have never heard before....such as the operational basis of this "government" (govern=control; ment=of the mind) or Our "Mind Controlling" PARENTS, intending that We are OWNED by the State and NOT a "Sovereign Being" as We might think. The conspiracy is deep. There is rampant "SHADOW BANNING going on at Fakebook, which is why I had to bid farwell to that intense MIND CONTROL OPERATION (aka Facebook).

    "And you KNOW the truth and the truth will set you free." WE ARE ONE

    I intend fully that Ours is a "Peaceful Revolution of the Awakened Hueman Consciousness. Our intention is for organic UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, not the IMPOSED consciousness as intended by the CORRUPT DEEP STATE.

    How to detect truth from lies in the age of fake news
    Robert Steele with Will Johnson and John Chambers, How to detect truth from lies in the age of fake news?   ORIGINAL LINK HERE   An intersting conversation about propoganda emerging from the advent of the CIA to the modern day phenomena of falsified news by the deep state.  
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  • A "meme" that works for me right now.
    You've my explicit permission to share!
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  • The rumor mill is saying that Military Tribunals have started. It sure would be nice if the rest of the world start to awaken to reality. The PsyOps are not working and people are getting restless and sick! Something has to give! NOW!
    Oh, and We are the ones for which We've been awaiting for an eternity! ENGAGE!
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  • I am committing to become more active on ONSTELLAR, adding original content that will inspire to help to build this platform. Thank you all for supporting ONSTELLAR... I feel home here
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