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How do you get out of the matrix? Embrace the immeasurable. <3 Amazing video by Chris Agnos of Sustainable Human. https://youtu.be/d8lXTpRBj1w
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    http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/02/20/positive-saw-bigfoot-shes-suing-california.html A few months ago, Claudia Ackley made national news when she decided to file a lawsuit against the State of California for not recognizing Bigfoot as a bona fide specie. You can get a quick rundown of the situation with the article above. Steve Murillo and myself are meeting up with Claudia, and going out...
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  • Are you at ECETI? Let's connect!
    Im at my first ECETI conference right now as the 'Great Awakening' kicks into full gear. Are you here too? If so let's connect! It's Saturday and I have an elephant t shirt on. 
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  • Stinging Nettle Health Benefits For Home Remedies That Treat Just About Everything
    "It may be a brash statement to say that one prickly green herb is the panacea for almost everything that ails you; but, in the case of stinging nettles, it’s mostly true. If there’s one plant to have on hand at all times that provides a cure for arthritis, an herbal treatment for allergies, relieves hair loss, treats Celiac disease, bleeding, bladder infections, skin complaints,...
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  • Astrological insights for those born in the 60's
    For quite some time now, I have felt that my birth in 1963, the year that JFK was assassinated, held some spiritual significance for me.   How could it not?  It's almost as if the world was on one timeline before JFK was killed and then jumped to a different, more negative timeline after his assassination.  Something has not been right for quite a long time.  Like...
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  • Tips for Getting Through Your 'Dark Night of the Soul'
    "I can't stand being around my Mom."   "That's very common.  Lots of people can't stand being around their parents."    "It's probably because their parents saw them as merely an extension of themselves."   "Exactly.  Isn't that how your parents saw you?"   AHA!   And inwardly, something has clicked because my eyes begin to tear and my throat...
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  • Voices Across the Globe Call for Release of Julian Assange
    Where would we all be right now without this courageous man? The disclosure movement owes so much to Julian Assange. Let's do whatever we can to give back his voice and free him from the solitary confinement he now is experiencing within the Ecuadorean Embassy in the UK.  Is The Zeitgeist Finally Shifting In Favor Of Julian Assange? Authored by Elizabeth Lea Vos via Disobedient Media,...
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  • When You Love Yourself, You Begin to Heal the World
      If there is one message my guides send me more than any other it is: Love yourself. It seems simple doesn't it?   But it is SO difficult for us humans to do.   Perhaps we think its a selfish thing to love ourselves.  But if we look deeper, we realize that those who are truly selfish have very little self love.   Self love begins with self...
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  • What I Learned From Sharing Fake News on Facebook
    Recently I shared an article on Facebook that looked very well-sourced to me, but turned out to include some fake news. The article was posted on Zero Hedge, but was originally written by the Organic Prepper blog. The emotionally charged title was, "It's Now Against the Law in California to Shower and Do Laundry on the Same Day." A more appropriate title might have been, "New California Laws...
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  • VIDEO: The Moon is a Beehive of Activity
    This video by Secure Team features a collection of images of artificial structures and craft that can't be attributed to nature. There is abundant evidence of triangular-shaped craft (like the TR3B?), satelite dishes, land vehicles and more.   Some compelling images for sure. 
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