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  • You know... with all the negative press that surrounds us on a daily basis, it REALLY is tough to stay positive and have hope when you see things that occur on a daily basis. So much hurt & pain out there, in so many different aspects of life.

    What I WILL tell you what keeps me in a state of mind of hope ~ are sharing words of motivation, encouragement, a touching story of kindness, a random post to let people know I care.

    See... if you let the "dark" of the world consume your thoughts and occupy your mind constantly; your mind and body has no choice but to REMAIN in "the dark."

    The more you focus on all the GOOD in the world ~ random acts of kindness, a sunrise, the growth of a new flower, the smile you create on someone's face just by saying hello and acknowledging they exist, a rainy day, the blue sky, the love in a child's eyes when you tell them you are proud, a motorcycle ride, a hot air balloon ride, an unexpected gift, a rainbow, a hummingbird collecting nectar ~ the list is LIMITLESS when you allow your mind to roam in the GOOD aspects of life. You yourself will find it brings a smile to your face, which in turn creates a sense of happiness & peace.

    THIS is where you want to "LIVE" in life. Appreciate all you have, and be grateful for those who have come and gone from your life. Don't allow yourself to get stuck in the muck and Keep Moving Forward!

    Make it a goal today, to acknowledge THREE things you truly enjoy about life. I promise you... it creates a chain reaction of happiness and peace.

    MUCH LOVE. ❤

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