• Our neighbourhoods need a re-think
      How we shape our neighborhoods has far-reaching effects on the environment, our social well-being, our sense of community and connectedness. Our neighborhoods should reflect what we value as human beings. Did you know that by 2050, 75% of nearly 10 billion people will live in crowded, coastal, mega cities. These cities do not reflect our deepest values. They promote social...
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  • Creating a path of love. Embodying your true self
    Everyone is on their own heroes journey since the day of their incarnation. Planet Earth is creating an abundance of different realities and experiences for each of us to learn from. In most countries people are born into a society which resembles slavery in a lot of ways. Individuals are indoctrinated by the collective to believe and support a set of corporations/fictional entities to which...
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  • Exploring alternatives
    Exploring alternatives. Connecting with Gaia. Growing the future. Building community   We dream to embody fully those terms in the near future, in a world where housing is a business, most homes are designed to be dependent on centralized/industrialized systems to have access to basic resources and function. Requiring constant input from the grid, conventional housing can only satisfy...
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  • We are having a online radio show sharing more details about talking trees community located in Ontario,Canada at 11:11 am EST

    Here's a link to the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/talkingtreesradio
    Our Vision

    ​Nestled among majestic trees, beautiful lakes and streams, imagine a community where people are following their passions, inner talents, and co-operating instead of competing. Where everyone works together, pursuing their labor of love for the benefit of the entire community. A place where the buildings work together with nature. We have chosen the Earthship for just this reason.

    Earthships allow each home and business to generate their own electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and indoor food production as well as heating and cooling passively while building with natural and recycled materials. They also integrate with their surroundings, allowing the natural landscape to determine the layout of the community, while preserving its natural beauty.

    We are absolutely delighted to announce the official launch of our Earthship Community, and it all starts with YOU.
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  • Talking trees holistic community manifestation
    We are TALKING TREES. A group of beings dedicated to creating a radically different type of sustainable community by putting ideas into action for the betterment of all beings on Earth. Talking Trees purpose is to create completely self sustaining communities of Earthship homes and businesses in a truly holistic setting while applying a Contribution based system along with Permaculture at...
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  • On the Path to New Earth
    The time is now, it is a turning point in human history, a lot of change will occur in all sphere of society. We need to switch competition for cooperation, not only with eachother but with Gaia. The earth is our spaceship and we need to steward it as such. we are given this opportunity at this time. A restructuration that is made in benefits of the people, letting go of the old fictional...
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