• please help share this information about creating your own free energy device, this is real i plan to make a video doing the same thing, if u can please do the same

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipMDOeeS3z8

    The information here made us more than happy to tears. This is what we have been waiting for, our time as a people to create and restore the balance is now. For those who have not been tapping into the higher frequency please see the work we are doing. Help us fix this place or accept that you are part of the problem and your ascension will be delayed until your understanding of the information is whole. We do not wish to bring about any more negative vibrations than we Have too. aS WE PREPARE FOR THE EVENT I NEED YOU ALL TO KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU
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  • Something to care about:
    Something to care about:Inspire them to be better people and then help them know what they are and they will continue to love them selves as they must to evolve. When we love in a selfish way it is working towards goals that we desire, and often can get clouded from natural happenings. These natural happens I adore, we alone can not make them come about but are responsible for most...
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  • to be Human,
    the idea behind our evolution and existence, and, here on Onstellar (and correct me or make additions please!) :this is suppose to be like our new social platform I.e. Fb, YouTube, that will not be censored by government, allow us to interaction with crypto currency, and freedom of expression with blokchain technology backing the platform.

    To my understanding the technology goes thru multiple verification processes with multiple sources verifying the information leaving no room for error. This has the ability to replace the finical system of the world and overt a global currency.

    As a person i choose to post picture of my family because we are suppose to feel safe here and show that i am just another person like you. We all have the ability to increase the positive vibrations of our existence and I'm a bit cheerful to begin doing so and hope it goes well for us.

    I got lucky and got a sweet screen name! I choose this as i feel close to the values behind the idea of the position, not even a huge buff but did enjoy the story, now lets get in gear and get to it with making this the the place that we want to be in the universe and lets make it Shine.

    (so sick of them cutting the video or just no sound on the good parts)
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  • And on the third day it was So. So we are now here in the places that we know so well. The things the we do daily defining who we are. Allowing our growth is something we will continually struggle with since most joys that are consumable may deter us from our design.

    For this i do say, we must make good use of the tools that we are given in the times that we are, with the struggles that are embedded into our reality it is necessary, and encouraged, to share the things that we know:
    Things that benefit our self - there are those things that you do that makes it better for you, why would you not want to give others the opportunity for it to be better for them. (i.e upon awakening rapid movement to create pressures that allows good energies the ability flow into your body can reduce "wake up" symptoms)
    Things that benefit others: share you ideas that you think might make a difference, identify things for others they do not see that will benefit the progression. Share the knowledge that you know is true and do it willingly.
    Things that matter: share what you know about things that are going to happen in our physical reality allow the community to be a part of existence. Identify things that are causing any negative vibration within your path.
    Know to Ask; we can not grow if we as a whole are not willing to learn, or individual, (or unwilling to be questions and answer) this is now our future and we asked for it. There is no way any of us can know it like the back of our hand because it is brand new. I once wanted to stay a newcommer forever, now i am busy existing.

    With the OStellar Platform i plan to:
    - Communicate honestly
    - Bring the message to the world
    - Share peaceful and Joy moments of my own
    - Encourage "be excellent to each other" "be the change you want to see"

    im not ready but so maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany have asked me to start this i hope the benefit is greater than the vibrational effects


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