Since as far back as I can remember, I've always been interested in all things metaphysical, fascinated by paranormal and extraterrestrial topics and have always loved science fiction shows and concepts. I've also had a passion for creative endeavours such as that of being involved in music as a singer, screenwriting, writing in general, and film production, with an interest in acting as well, though admittedly with limited experience in the latter. In my teens, I would often experience limited premonitional dreams quite frequently in which I'd have a dream and approximately anywhere from 6 months to a couple years later, it'd usually happen. A certain moment would trigger the recollection of the dream but I never could see the use of it however, as the events never really seemed to have had any huge significance with a couple exceptions concerning a few family situations. I've also had many paranormal experiences with ghosts/spirits mainly at a haunted college I attended where I worked as a campus security officer, a couple of apartments I've lived in before and also at a paper towel factory I worked as a security officer in for nearly 8 years. I've never seen a ghost manifest in person, however, have heard them at least 4 times aloud in person and have caught several other voices on EVP while at the paper towel factory. In addition, at the haunted factory, I've also encountered black triangular craft resembling the TR-3B's on at least 3 occasions up close and have encountered several other odd lights that I felt were UFO's but did not see as clearly as the TR-3B's and couldn't determine for sure. I've also had a very strong intuition since as far back as I could remember and have been told by a psychic that I, myself, have some psychic abilities and that they'd play a bigger role as would metaphysics later on in my life. However, if I do have those kinds of abilities, they are relatively undeveloped at this time, for the most part. So that's just a "little" about me, lol, but overall, I'm an extremely open minded guy on a quest to understand the nature of the universe, the world around us including the various mysteries that fill it and the greater unified connection we all share as "one".
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