I bring light where there is darkness. I bring hope where there is none. I am kind and forgiving but if I must I will use my "sword of light" because I am also a lightwarrior and you will not pass by................................ In this incarnation I fought against demons ... against "black shadows / shadowpeople"... almost each week I break through paralyzises of ET that try to paralyze and beam me up.... I fought a lethal psychic battle against one of the Chimera Group highest agents here (leader of their species) and won......................................... I'm Starseed/Wanderer (Seraphim - 100% validated) - highly clairsentient - energy healer - universal blueprinter - of the unaltered bloodline named "Benjamin" Rainbow Aura - Contactee - Abductee - Experiencer - had a real friendship to a "dingir kasune anunnak" (4d ET)................................. Past (validated) incarnations: Jeanne D'Arc , Pharao Amon'Ra (11k yrs ago. mentioned for example in "law of one, book 1) ................................. I am the one of the "13". we are a team. together we represent the Christ energy or also called "christ eon" or "master eon" now here on earth. I found them all, bound us all (lol... in a positive way ^^ I reconnected us here energetically). With our manifestation powers we change a lot here. some of us are shaman of the highest level and capabilities like a direct communication link to gaia herself. ................................ I've got a dragon soul and the seraphim soul together inside me and can access their powers - but there are more. I am 12th dimension, 7th density, arch-seraphim and it is proven in many ways. my engl youtube channel is "Soulscapes". the german one "Seelenwelten" which means the same.
  • never underestimate the amount of manipulations we have here.
    always keep in mind that each intelligent species that is here, around earth, inside earth and so on CAN (and most of them DOES) mind-control us to a degree.
    some more or constantly and some just sometimes.
    even the "good ones" so that we focus on things that will speed-up something and so on.

    you are not aware how strong their psychic powers are. even if you think you can imagine....
    or have you been fighting a psychic-strong higher dimension being before?

    -> they can manipulate our dreams
    -> our thoughts
    -> our emotions
    -> our chanellings
    -> our shamanistic voyages
    -> our psychic reading
    -> our technology in every way.
    -> our perception (they can stand right in front of you but you think it's just some other human like a friend or something...)
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  • a few topics from the brand new 8th book "Thalus of Athos" (reports from inner earth). available just in german:

    (these info NO SSP insider or other people will give you)

    -> over the last 200 yrs around 1 billion people were abducted and never brought back. intergalactic slave trade. thats why the elite creates wars here. the wars in the last 200 yrs did not have so much casulties as we were told. people were abducted !!

    -> starseed, especially wanderers often have more than 1 soul in this human body here. because it will help with their mission. I for myself have a dragon soul and a seraphim soul and more in me. same time... that explains a lot in terms of mood switching and so on

    -> the ONLY 100% verified secret space program is the "dark fleet" of the germans. no other SSP was ever mentioned by friendly & far advanced inner earth alien groups
    I for myself had a contact inside the dark fleet...

    -> humans come from earth 2 which is 5D. then the negative ET invaders came and humans were lured / attracted to what they offered and so humans lowered themselves to 3D and incarnated here in 3D in earth 1.
    for that they needed a suitable body so one was created.
    our coming ascension means the humans who are ready for it will shift together with gaia back to earth 2 but earth 1 in 3D will be gone then.
    all those who aren't ready will need to incarnate elsewhere in 3D
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  • hi. I need to tell you guys something important.
    it is especially for us so called "wanderers":

    the orion group which is part of the chimera alliance is going to act more openly and directly now. they will send greys and archons to visit us, frighten us and so on.

    I received this information from a 4D being that you can call a high ranking officer/agent/infiltrator & assassin from the chimera alliance.
    we were friends a couple of yrs ago until I fully understood what it is and what it wants.

    sunday I was visited while asleep. I awoke and send the being away.

    if you are being visited then NOT be afraid or act violently or something.
    I suggest you are thankful for this experience and tell this the being (whether you see the being or just sense it - usually you won't see it) and then u send it away with love.
    furthermore you may create a forcefield out of love around you and your place.

    adressing those beings with love and be thankful for that experience will create positive polarization for that being and this is exactly what is DOESN'T want
    it wants you to be afraid and so on....

    you see, the time for the negative ones is almost over here because they act this way.
    in the messege it says that they don't need to care anymore
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  • I honestly respect all the good disclosure work, the SSP whistleblowers are doing BUT we all should always keep in mind the following:

    none of the 10 SSP's are really friendly / positive.

    so our whistleblowers / insiders are not getting infos about species who really wanna help us and their infos are a bit "one-sided".

    there are in fact sources who have constant contact to very positive, high advanced & high vibrational and dimensional species who live also in our earth (innerearth).

    one of the eldest species in our universe are the Voltrain and the Harukanians.
    they live since quite some thousand years also inside earth and also along with the draco species from planet Occhaichitan.

    they live the "vedic" way. even the word is just rarely known to most humans.
    they say - and that makes absolutely sense - that ALL positive polarized species are living like that - there is no other way because else it would not suit to the "law of one" / the creation.

    living the vedic way means a bit "back to nature".
    and they don't have any leaders of any sort. everybody is equal.
    no stress.
    no schedules
    no negativity
    they live in smaller communities with like 20-30 families (reptos, dracos and humanoids) and they live in complete harmony with nature and the animals. noone would kill an animal for whatever reason and so on.
    they have very high advanced tech but its not so much in the foreground.

    earth / gaia is a vedic planet and it WILL become a vedic planet again when it's free off the grasp of the chimera group (negative alien group).

    if you like to read about it, buy at amazon the ebook "Thalus of Athos - Disclosure".
    saldy just the 1st book is in engl available, in german there are 7 and they are so very important and great.
    its about a guy who was in the secret MOHLA order that existed for 3600 yrs and collected wisdom & knowledge and had contacts to everybody, including innerearth-ET
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  • we awakened ones are struggleling each day with being here, with our "3D-problems" and most of us just want to go "home" or at least somewhere else were circumstances are better.
    but this is not why we are here.
    we are not here to make holiday or just to experience 3D.
    we are here to prepare mankind for the global full disclosure and for the event and then for the ascension.
    we will counsel them, aid them...
    "them", the unawakened masses - not the bio-robots. they cannot be awakened. they cannot ascend. when they die, it's like you switch off your TV. that's why they don't believe in souls, reincarnation and so on because they don't have this.

    so focus and meditate.
    spread word, open eyes.
    we WILL get home. sure. but first we need to do our job here !
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  • Don't let media change the way you think, feel and believe.
    Stay centered.
    Stay in your heart.
    They want us to distract want us make believe, that something bad is coming or whatever.
    Don't take that.
    Disclosure will happen.
    Then even more will awaken.
    That will be enough for mankind to survive.
    Then the event will happening.
    After that even more awaken.
    Then many year later the ascension will happen....
    5th dimension, 4th density for Gaia and mankind.

    We are here.
    We are the 13.
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  • if you sensed a strong positive energy around 10 hrs ago -> it was me connecting to all wanderers.
    I suddenly got a download that i cannot just connect to "the 12". I can energetically connect to all wanderers and this i did around 10 hrs ago and I send positive energy, love, light, peace, happiness....
    I'm gonna do this more often now.
    It's a bit like Xavier in X-Men
    this will make us stronger and it will drive out the negative beings here and it can awaken more wanderers....
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  • To whom it may be of interest: here is my YouTube channel:

    This is the english version of my german channel "Seelenwelten". I'm trying to redo more and more of my german videos in engl. to be able to reach more peopl...
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  • what can we do?

    people expect us awakened wanderer to go public, talk to the masses, do some wonders... but thats not what we should and will so.
    ecpecially from "me and the 12" people want that we go public but be honest and serious:
    what would happen if we and other wanderers go more public with what they are, what they can do and what they know?
    -> the system would not allow it. people would laugh at us, police will lock us away, maybe we will be arrested and tested over and over again and we lose our jobs.

    we all are incarnated here in 3D and so we all are under the curtain of forgetting. we are no superheroes.
    going more public would mean ... like in "x-men" - we would be outsiders and so on.

    what we can do is to talk to the right people. instead of talking to the masses. we cannot open the eyes of the masses because 45% of them are programmed bio-robots. and even the real humans are mostly pretty much influenced & manipulated by the system.

    talk to the right people.
    help them.
    open their eyes.
    do manifestation/visualization work every day because the more people manifest full disclosure, the sooner it will appear in our timeline.
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  • regardeless how positive and loving someone is, if one doesn't do his "homework" he will not ascend (Ra, law of one).
    means: you can be a a good person but most important for every being in 3D is creating polarity.
    to create polarity you should know of that concept.
    if you're just "swimming in the middle" but not creating enough positive polarity through service-to-others (or negative through service-to-self, if one like that path), then you don't meet the expectations for ascending to 4th density at the end of this 25000 yrs cycle which is now. you will have to reincarnate at another 3D world....
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