• ~ ∆ ~ Huge Corey Goode Update
    . You know how we have been given bits and pieces of information for several years now?  If you are like me, with each new tidbit of information it seemed like all the little, scattered tidbits of update information would eventually add up to one huge update which would put all the pieces together into one, huge, clarified update.  Well.....it happened.  Here it is, written by...
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  • ~ ∆ ~ Create What is Needed
    The concepts I speak of here will probably be nothing new to you, but maybe the way I perceive things might seem weird to someone else.     The point is to do and create what is best and needed for you.  With that being said, here is what I created for myself.   Perhaps it may help.  We are Creator beings.  We can create whatever we want, and sometimes...
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  • ~ ∆ ~ Video to Go Viral
    . . For years now we have been hearing about viral videos.  When we go take a look, they are usually either something about cute kittens, funny dogs with hands, or some sort of tragedy.   Sure!.....we might find a quick laugh of the day in the cute videos, but what if we clicked on a short video which can actually raise our vibrational spiritual energy?!!!! . Remember the old...
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  • ~ ∆ ~ L.O.V.E. and L.I.G.H.T.
    ~ ∆ ~ L.O.V.E. and L.I.G.H.T...L stands for LISTEN to others if sharing your beliefs and what you are into. Tell them more only if they indicate they want to hear more..O stands for OBSERVE what others are doing and saying in a compassionate way, even those who you used to think don't deserve compassion. Forgive yourself and others so your compassion is available for all..V stands for VISUALIZE...
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  • ~ ∆~ How to Remove Aluminum from the Body
    . . I just finished reading Corey Goode's latest update on Facebook, by following a link.  In the article he spoke of how harmful a build up of aluminum in our bodies is at this time, then he requested information for how to remove aluminum from the body in a follow up comment.   This is the reason for this post, since I refuse to have a Facebook account, I couldn't leave a...
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  • ~ ∆ ~ Something Has Changed!!!
        . . Oh!  My gosh!  Something has changed in a big way!!!  That something has to do with the mass awakening happening right now, and the increase in Lightworkers coming together in unison while meditating in Oneness!!!!!    .  You may already have been dancing for days over the new changes, but I had been dealing with some health issues the last...
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  • ~ ∆ ~ A Call to Lightworkers
    ..I have a message for other Lightworkers, but would like to first set the stage before giving you the message because if it affects you, even slightly, the way it effected me, I want to prepare you. Here is the background of the message..........Yesterday I got one of those high pitched signals in my right ear. You know the ones......It is a solid tone that lasts until you stop what you are...
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  • ~ ∆ ~ The Squabbling of Disclosure
          When will the squabbling about disclosure stop amongst those awake?   Wouldn't it be great to get disclosure and have the squabbling stop?   Wouldn't it be great to all unite, take all the suppressed technology, and put it all to use right now?   The gosh darn squabbling amongst even awake and enlightened humans has been like an achor holding...
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