" I AM Nicky. Sovereign Being and Love Incarnate." Nicky (Also known as "The Professor of Happiness') ascended (Descended) in 1984 with a full awakening of his kundalini. As young boy he was mentored in the ancient mystical schools by Masters of the Great Council (known then as "The Great White Brotherhood"). As a Descended Master his mission has been one of empowering others to live more fully from their own knowing of Universal Principles and to Ground that reality of their Loving, joyful, playful and creative Beingness here and Now. Note: University Professor in Psychology for 35 years. And now an author, speaker and Spiritual Mentor with clients and students Worldwide.
  • Spiritual Mentor at Home and the World
  • Studied Psychology. Human Potential, Self Awareness, Metaphysics. at University of Victoria
    Class of MA., PhD, Dip Tchg, FNYSA
  • Lives in Waihi
  • From Waihi
  • Male
  • Married
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  • Find Your STILLPOINT
    Every moment of these next three days at least. Whenever you remember. Hands on heart. Comfort your body. Hush the mind, ego, and emotions, gently. Say “I love You”. Breathe. And GO INTO COMPLETE SILENCE AND STILLNESS.Even for just a minute.Say “Thankyou”Then go on with your day.This is huge now, THIS IS HUGEI So Love...
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  • Find Your Peace and then Change Happens.
       Find Love and Peace First then the change happens  When others say things and we have a reaction it is not about them.  It is about you and how there is a part of you that still needs your Loving. honouring and embrace. When I see an "imperfection" in others I say "Thank you, thank you for showing me an aspect of me that needs more of my Loving embrace."  When I...
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  • Don't Let Unhappy People Define YOU Anymore
      Ascension & Transformation Reinvent Yourself.   December 28, 2018 | Professor of Happiness      Press the Delete Button  We listened to unhappy people from childhood and have internalised the “put downs”. And look what that got...
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    UNBOXING DAYTime to Totally climb OUT OF YOUR BOX.Mind divides. Heart multiplies. Mind wants to know. Heart is in the Flow.Human judges. Soul observes with neverending SMILE.LOVE abides in All Ways.I So Love You*********************PS Boxing Day was the day that monks of old emptied their Christmas donation boxes and gave to the poor. The gift in your collection box...
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  • LET GO: Enjoy the Best of the Best
    For Goodness Sake… LET GO.You asked to come and take the experience of transformation. You got the ticket when there were millions of other beings queuing up for it.No one in Heaven or Earth can stop it the Transformation the Great Shining. You may as well relax into it. You asked to break free of all limitations on the fullest expression of You. So now you have...
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  • Love is your Passport to Close Encounters of the FIRST KIND.
    You are now in a reality where love is your passport to easy living and expansion. Your final freedom is the freedom to love unashamedly, unabashed and without a doubt. Never again be afraid of the BIGNESS of your love nor the idea that others cannot cope with your Heartedness. Get over it. Be totally transparent in your Lovingness. Let it Shine I So Love...
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  • Toward Unity in Galactic Consciousness 
      Remember that the human form and expression is made up of a monumental mixture of DNA star seeds. Look about you and you will have discovered that many people you know well, they are familiar to you, and many at times seem rather strange and unfathomable (even brothers and sisters and family). You cannot relate to them all from your mind. But they are all part of you since...
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    The Lion within is Out to It So you get so tired, sleepy, dizzy, nauseas,‘spaced out, etc…….. I am no exception.We are in a period of accelerating quickening. Showered internally with almost constant massive Sun emissions, influxes of energy and information, codes and keys, light packets in glyphs and impressions, felt in all our senses and in vague and amorphous...
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  • Watching Your Self -Talk
    I venture to say that apart from letting go and trusting your heart any real help along the “spiritual path” is simply a mind retraining. You need nothing else. No guru or ritualistic or rigorous method. Just yourself and your patience, compassion for yourself, and willingness to watch yourself without judgment, and retrain your mind to listen differently. Making clear the choice...
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  • Forever at Home in Self.
    In many ways I am asked what do I do to remain in peace and not get drawn into the dramas of the day.I would have to say that it is "going within". What you would probably call "Meditation". And meditation for me is not a "refuge" that I withdraw to. It is like Home. The place in myself where I am whole and complete. And it has become such that it is the place that resides as me (I AM) all...
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