I have been on this planet for 69 years. They have been an adventure in Self Realization. It started with suicidal ideation back in my 20s. I began to look for what was "wrong" with me. That began a life long search in awareness: Timoty Leary & Richard Alpert/Ram Das, group therapy of all sorts, EST, Landmark, seminars,, Emerald Tablet study group, Seth channel study groups, Course in Miracle study groups, 12 step programs, 20+ years with Patanjali Sutras satsangs with a coach and group that continues today. That's most but not all of my search. Then in 2013, I discovered Hans Jenny "Cymatics" on Youtube. That search brought me to Sacred Geometry, Spirit Science, Planetary and Solar system history, what is happening on this Planet, David Icke, Drunvalo, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Michael Sala, Gaia TV, and so much more. That is the foundation from which I write this Bio. Now we are here at this time of magnificent transformation from the time of Separation into that of a new Dimensional Reality. A time of co-creation. I am here and inviting anyone who wishes to have conscious conversations about the co-creation of this new age. WE are creating expansive paradigms of reality. So, friend me and let's have conscious conversations into this co-creation. In Oneness. Prem
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  • January 25, 1949
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