I am a 66 year young Vegan Athlete. Used to be a Religious Zealot, until I researched and found out all The Lies. I lost a Marriage of 27 years over this. I know that the Only Truth is Peace, Joy, Light, and Love. I am a Free Spirited Hippie. I am balanced now in Pi centered between positive and negative. I no longer react, but observe. I love everyone and everything. We are The Human Species that must learn to love and respect everyone and everything, I have love and gratitude over everyone. Filled with peace and love.
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The Principles On Which I Live My Life (Edited)
The Principles On Which I Live My Life: (Edited)   LIGHT, FREEDOM, RESPONSIBILITY (FOR YOUR WORDS AND ACTIONS) AND LOVE WHICH FUNCTIONS ON THE FOLLOWING: KINDNESS, CALMNESS, COURAGE, PEACE, JOY, GRATITUDE, AND REST.   If you are observant, you will notice a progression to these principles. Unless you are a nocturnal animal, you Cannot see in complete darkness....
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