An Empath occultist that was raised up with C2C and Art Bell. Sane conspiracy theorist that doesn't believe that the Earth is flat;) Lived in three different countries and seen a fair amount of high strangeness. INTJ virgo with an active hunger for obscure words. I believe in the eternity of the Soul. I believe that we aren't alone in the Cosmos. I also believe in the concept of The Great Filter regarding as to why we 'seem' to be the only intelligent life. I believe we did go to the Moon, just not when 'they' said we did. As an Empath, it's important for me to know -how- something is said, instead of just -what- is said. Active listening is a major part of what I do, though not with my ears but with my heart. I'm all about good vibes and good intentions. If it doesn't make sense to me, I'll respect it for what it is, but I won't be forced to believe it.
  • I'm not sure why but it seems that when I log on here now a days, that there is this huge elephant in the room. Well, I do know why; however, I fear for voicing it due to splitting sides in an already unstable environment within our community.
    So, I will just say this: People who say they 'know the truth' or have a slew of 'insiders' or speak of remarkable claims, yet fail time after time of showing any proof, or slight evidence are the ones that usually make the biggest divisions in a community.
    There is no one on this planet that knows -the truth-, they only know what they perceive to be 'their truth' and without actually doing any professional research of an academic level often relies on the work of others to pass off as their own.
    I do not know as to why those that preach about how we must raise above our ego and pride are the ones that have the most prideful of egos!
    Copyright infringement is serious and once it is broken then that to me, defines the true moral of that person who stole another's work. Also, the company one keeps gives me a greater insight as to the 'agenda' of that person.
    Yes, maybe you know what I am referring too. DW was wrong - he broke YT's copyright rules and LMH had every right to file that claim against him.
    I wonder how that shoe feels on the other foot now.
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  • [JimmyChurch] Can you inform Linda Moulton Howe that when she live streams on Youtube, she needs to stablize her sound levels. The sound on her live stream 2/20/2019 kept going in and out when she would talk. It's an excellent video otherwise!!
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  • The Orville - Episode "Identity" OMGS!
      I want to start out by giving my apologies for this article; however, this is the only place on the Internet where I feel comfortable to share all the emotions of which last night's episode conjured within me. I love sci-fi - all forms, all sorts... well not the poorly written ones that are at current rival to The Orville. Last night was a roller coaster of emotions with F2B 1000th...
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  • First-Ever Smoky Mountain Big Foot Conference set for July
       I wanted to share the following article as it was announced in my local news. It will be interesting to see how large this first ever Big Foot conference turns out to be, on the events web page: they are already boasting how it will be the biggest Big Foot conference in all of the South East. Below is the article and...
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  • Nick Pope on Fox News with Tucker Carlson Jan 24th 2019
      On Jan 24th, 2019 Nick Pope was on Fox News with Tucker Carlson. Now, I have only just found this out from  youtube, as I am taking a much needed break from MSM news of late. Here is the youtube of that interview And here is the actual news article from Fox News:...
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  • Just got done watching Project Blue Book on the History channel.
    Does anyone else think that the Professor kinda puts you in the mind of our Richard Dolan? Maybe it's the glasses and the voice, but he certainly puts me in the mind of Mr. Dolan
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  • The Qnon movement is unable to educate on what we in -this- community has already known for years!
    Every generation has a guru. The guru of this generation is Q. Qanon devotees are still sheep; however, they are following the hook of a different Shepherd.
    I will never give up my tin foil hat nor will I adjust my morality in order to appease a group think and be accepted by them.
    Nothing is ever new; it's only repackaged.
    #WalkAway from Q.

    In the meantime, I'll continue to wait for full disclosure.
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  • Why I walkedaway from the Q movement
      Keep your own light shining, because no one will give you a lighter if it goes out.  Trust your -own- plan in life.  My experience with the Q movement.    
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  • Q and A from Qanon - Aliens are real!
       Listening to F2B right now and want to answer Jimmy's question: No, Q has not mentioned a secret space program before in his previous drops.  Q was there on the chan taking questions after releasing two large drops. The youtube live stream chat was having their questions, well most of them passed on to the chan. Someone on the chan was relaying those questions. There were...
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  • Got the bill for the ambulance that took me to the ER. They are as fast with sending the bills as fast as they are with getting one to the hospital.
    The total $833.57 - for 9 miles and they didn't even have the sirens on.
    I told my mother that if something else happened to me to not call 911, because I do not have insurance nor a way to pay such a large bill. They charge almost 9 bucks a gallon, it was itemised on the bill.
    These are the kind of times that I really do miss the NHS in the UK.
    From my previous post, aprntly my soul wants to live but after getting that ambulance bill, it may be having second thoughts.
    It's cheaper to call a cab to the hospital.
    'Hospital please.'
    Whilst in the cab, under a layer of screams of agony and physical deconstruction, I'll be happy to pay the driver way less than than what the ambulance has charged.
    "Oh my god, ma'am are you dying? Why not call an ambulance?!"
    'You're cheaper and don't worry if I die in your cab, I won't sue you.'
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