UFO RESEARCH: I became interested in UFOs young in life. But around age 17 (maybe year of '77 I and a friend were taken in a beam of light. Telepathy occurred and a lot of fear.(the fear not a normal fear but you know what i mean) Since then things have grown into a more positive experience. In 2011 around October I began to have contacts with non-physical entities. Like many of you got downloads and a message that they Earth is special. These beings seem to be from the farther reaches of the universe. In 2012 my old world ended and the new one began. I know I am not alone in this experience. So I have somehow managed to open up to Onstellar and tell the truth as best i can. Channeling also often. ORGANIC GARDENING: is one of my main things now. SKY WATCHER: as i camp a lot in summer and have in winter as well. Recently moved to an area where Elves , Fairies and Trolls seem to be playing a lot of games with us. CONSCIOUSNESS AND AWARENESS STUDIES: once we are aware, we know compassion is important if not the most fundamental thing we all need to gain as we have been mislead. Worm farming: I have again begun to grow my compost worms..one by one.. Red Worms Free Source Operator: Linux is my business. I intend to share freely and hope you will share freely too. . We are bringing forth a new world of light. I have corrected a few things above, and plan to share more of the details on a note here for all. As slow as i am. I will get it done. Thanks for the positive experience. (my web page needs updated- so hang on)
  • https://socialcorruptions.wordpress.com/2019/01/28/hate-in-america-rise-of-the-s-c-a/

    I am full of hate for my countries fools. Some call it America, although it is not America but it is the United States of America. I say “of” is key word here, and would sometimes even write it as:

    “u s OF A”

    -because I think America deserves better.  Indeed from my perch here in Denmark. Looking at the news or talking to those who I felt would always be my friends in USA. Disappointment  has struck. We are split now, in so many ways it is ever difficult to fathom or explain. Friends should always be friends right? Is it old age, or insanity that has cause this Great Divide Between Our Lives?
    We have so much in the UNITED STATES. I am talking land here, from desert to oceans, from mountains to Beverly Hills – the wealth of people that most of us will never even grasp. Sadly today, the SCA  or the So Called Americans; and i peg this term  because I cannot bear to mix Canada and sane regions of America in this bucket of filth the SCA have become.
    This write up is a start or attempt to explain what seems explainable. the Great Divide of people, because those who are proud to be American are blind to the fact we live on one planet and land cannot be owned. But you borrow it for a short while. Destruction of land by agriculture missile, or other cannot be allowed, sorry SCA. But it is my business, and you don’t have to like it!

    The land is not to blame, the Indians are not to blame. So it must be politics right? Indeed it is a little portion of the problem. It’s the need for leaders; you see weak incompetence needs them.  You see where I am from  has always been a region of hypocrisy, so uncultured we actually wondered how The Beatles translated all those songs  to American – One wonders how that is possible?

    The Christian rule there, in my old “neck of the woods” was a double minded dirty little club  there is no other means to explain. You had people going to church on Sunday, then going to work in bomb factories on Monday. The federal employees you see now that don’t get payed, another cog in the wheel. Of course they work and believe its OK having little concern of what they are manufacturing, but they know inside it is death machines.

    Oh you say
    That’s OK
    We just do it for the pay

    Of course these Christians had to make a living, and someone has to do it.
    Hit man mentality – he kills those who need to be taken out, cause after all: “Someone has to do it, it may as well be me!”

    “Welcome to the club” -they say

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  • The best UFO sighting I had last year, was in summer, a kind of gold and black thing in the sky, moving slowly westward. By the name I grabbed my binocular about 20 seconds had passed and whatever it was, I guess I will never know.
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  • In the beginning... David Wilcock on Camelot, do you remember?
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  • Thanks for accepting my requests. Just good to meet people and not be too political. We are doing a good study here.
    One thing i have learned from my years of study n this UFO- Paranormal field is this kind of One-ness. Call it Law of One or whatever. When we know ourselves, we know we are good, and if our intentions are good, we are dong the best we can. Thus its removed a lot of judgments and prejudice i was programed into. Its been a long, long journey, not always easy but very worth it. I know many feel the same- As we continue to evolve and not be distracted here in Onstellar.
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  • Canada legalises recreational cannabis use
    Canada's parliament has passed a law legalising the recreational use of marijuana nationwide.   The Cannabis Act passed its final hurdle on Tuesday in a 52-29 vote in the Senate. The bill controls and regulates how the drug can be grown, distributed, and sold.   Canadians will be able to buy and consume cannabis legally as early as this September.   The country is the...
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  • Solstice Mass Meditation with Disclosurefest!
      Just a quick reminder to please help your mother and yourself out by participating in this mass meditation! Gaia needs you!   https://www.disclosurefest.org/mmi/live/
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  • What do you know about Archons
    The Gnostics had the best analysis of them.  They could pose and mimic anything human or animal.  They pretend to be of the light to trick you to come their way. This video is a Star Trek Classic on The Archon.
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  • This thing about weapons in space. Is not acceptable.
    And I do not support such greed.
    Not to be negative. But no way I will pay tax for that.
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