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  • Q - The Plan To Save The World
    This is just an amazing YouTube video by "Joe M" that shows how the global power structure works and what the Alliance and Q are doing to take it down!  465,127 views at present.  Take this Global!!! A great introduction video to show your friends and family and introduce them to Q.   (Original Version)     (Polished Version)  ...
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  • President Trump points to a man in a Q shirt at Trump rally in Deluth, MN and Q acknowledges in posts
    At Trumps rally in Deluth, MN Wednesday night the President pointed to a man wearing a "Q" shirt while he was walking onto the stage.     A post was made referencing this by one of the "Anons". Later a few Q posts followed:   "TOGETHER.WWG1WGA!#WINNINGQ"       "Jan 20, 2017June 20, 2018Exactly 17 months.Do you believe in coincidences?God bless you all.Q"...
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