Sent from the FUTURE to bring LIGHT into the darkness Born in Gelsenkirchen, the poorest city of Germany, Rocky had a good childhood in the middle-class! His family gave him a loving home! Educated in an elite Gymnasium with great results his future seemed to be in an academic environment! But after a family drama, his life changed in a hard journey of bad experiences! The only opportunity in his hometown is a big football club called FC SCHALKE 04! His anger & subconscious feelings searched for a valve! He raised up with the Hardcore of the Hooligan scene & being a member of the ''Gelsen-Szene'' filled long times his interests & lifetime! After years in the Underworld, the death of good friends & an unfair trend of using weapons in a fight made the scene questionable for him! After receiving the diagnose of a Diabetes Type 1 he had big health problems with heavy operations! The decission to follow his biggest passion & becoming a DJ/Producer of Hardcore Music was a big step & important for his self-realization process! TODAY HE IS A DJ & PRODUCER OF THIS STYLES Hardcore/Hardtek/Frenchcore/Tribecore/HardTekk/Uptempo/Terror/Industrial-HC/Crossbreed/UKHardcore/Drum&Bass/Hardtechno/Darkcore/Millenium Hardcore/Rocky Montana Style* 2013 was the year of CONTACT! As a seeker of WISDOM, his mission of Awakening has just begun... Since these years Rocky & his wife are going through the most mind-blowing story ever! In a constant CONTACT with higher dimensional beings, Rocky got DOWNLOADS OF KNOWLEDGE! Guided by these beings, Rocky was able to find the answers on some of the biggest questions of modern men! These beings shared this because they offer us a new way of awareness & hope that it will have an impact on our mind! We are writing the year 2018 & a smartphone is standard! That is what Rocky separates from 95% of the actual experiencers & so-called ''whistleblowers''! Rocky recorded Audio/Video/Pictures of his CONTACTS! This material is like his Research not officially published until today & will hit the World in the upcoming weeks & month! The hidden KNOWLEDGE he received is a GODSEND for humanity & must become officially shared... When we cannot unite as one (WORLDWIDE), grow spiritual or be grateful for their given KNOWLEDGE..... the experiment humanity will be punished with no mercy! That was an Information I received in pictures where they showed me flood like scenes & Armageddon-like scenarios! ROCKY BIG I-NET CONNECTION & WORK OF THE LAST YEARS booking@ or email FORCED BY THE UNIVERSE ROCKY BECAME A COSMIC STORM OF CREATION NO CREATIVE BORDERS EXIST BEING: DJ Music producer Designer Spiritual Teacher Salesman Healer The new Indiana Jones Dance coach of Michael Jackson :-) WAS NEVER PLANED IT JUST HAPPENED TO HIM
  • Future changer at Universe
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  • October 17, 1983
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