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  • The World Summit is Unifying the Unifiers
    I've recently become involved with the World Summit which is gathering changemakers from all over the globe in order to unite people, both virtually and physically, to bypass individual agendas as well as the current social, political, and economic systems that divide us. The WS wants to unify and align and is doing this in the acknowledgement that it does not need permission to discover our...
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  • Signs of an Imbalanced Heart & Ways to Balance It
      The heart center can become imbalanced as a result of life experiences that have a strong emotional charge, physical illments, or significant changes in your environment. It may manifests as a blockage in the energy flow or, on the contrary, a tendency to become overactive or have an excess of energy.   You can see the following signs of imbalance in the heart:  ...
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  • 1 in 22 Boys in NJ Now Have Autism! What is Going On?
    Something alarming is happening...and it's the most drastic right now in New Jersey. A huge study that concluded in 2014 found that the U.S. autism rate now one in every 59 eight year olds in America. In New Jersey, it's one in every 34 children, and a shocking one in every 22 boys. What is different about New Jersey that makes 5% of all boys in the state have...
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  • Something Unexplained Moved FAST Underground Across the Country in 19 Minutes
    This video is from a Youtube channel that looks at anomalous and unusual Earth changes. After looking at seismographs across the country, he found something very bizarre happened last week. Clocking in around a 2 on the Richter scale, there was something like a strange ground pulse, crossing US from East Coast to the far West Coast on seismographs traveling nearly 3000 miles (2800). You could...
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  • People of Earth - A Surprisingly Accurate and Funny Disclosure Show About ETs
    I thought I knew about all the comedic new sci-fi shows (The Orville was a recent favorite of mine) but I was pleasantly surprised to discover a recent show called People of Earth that was just filled with disclosure about non-terrestrial races and their agendas. It's a great show that will keep you laughing and leave you with your mouth ajar when you see just how accurate and frequent the ET...
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  • Gaia - The Netflix of Conscious Media
      As some of my fellow OnStellars know, Gaia is an online platform featuring the kind of content you find on OnStellar, ranging from disclosure-related content like on David Wilcock's show Cosmic Disclosure, to consciousness-expanding information on shows like Gregg Braden's Missing Links. I actually think a big driver of the disclosure movement currently are the interviews with...
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  • How to Identify the Forces Trying to Discourage Awakened Souls
    It is a perilous path to awakening because the more you awaken to the true nature of things and of your true power, the more of a target you become to the forces reinforcing the matrix control system. You become a threat to their continued sustenance and operation in this dense realm. It is a continuous process to stay vigilant, aware, and discerning when on this path of awakened consciousness....
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  • How to Change the Future
      Seers, oracles, mystics…these are just some of the names given to those who were able to look through a window from the present into the future present. Operating using the vehicle of consciousness computing complex patterns, processes, and possibilities based on the unfolding of present circumstances, these able-ones have a perspective that potentially holds a greater power...
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  • OnStellar - An Opportunity for Shifting the Mainstream Consciousness
    When I first heard of OnStellar from Nexus and read about what the vision was for this platform, I felt it was opening up more possibilities than just being a social platform for the conscious, truth/diclosure, esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual communities. What I also saw in it is the opportunity to change and guide the mainstream consciousness towards an understanding of what is the...
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  • I wrote this article because we are currently in a time of great transition and we have a great window of opportunity to reclaim our sovereignty and take off the shackles that the hyperdimensional control matrix has imposed on us.
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