• Alien Dream
    Hello Stellar Friends, Its been awhile, but I had an amazing dream last night, I  remember bits and pieces of it cause I have been away all day, and I kept on telling myself don't forget to tell this. I remember being outside in the dark and had a fearful feeling, and out of the darkness 3 images started to to show themselves, it took a moment and a calm feeling came over me, and noticed...
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  • Loud Noise
    First, Here's to the New Year,may she be a damn sight better then the old one. So it was around 5am and I thought I heard a loud crackling of thunder,just about made be froze in my bed,I didn't want to move thinkin damn that was loud,and in all reality it was all in my head,has anyone here ever heard a loud boom or clap of thunder and realized it didn't happen,  it was all inside your...
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  • Merry Bleepin Christmas Everyone !
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  • Zombie Dream
    Good Morning Stellar Friends !!  Had a zombie dream last night, I was rushing around my house to get my cat to safety,looked outside my window and I could see them coming slow and steady,then the wind started to kick up and the sky was turning black,it starting raining, just as I went to my car, (it was a cherry black Chevrolet Chevelle 1970 wish I could have that now) I left my keys in...
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  • Farm House
    Happy Halloween to my Stellar Friends...Ok..I have a scarey story that happened to me back in the 70's. I went to stay with some friends of mine in the country, although I wasn't old enough to go to the Bar I just hung out with them, they wanted to go out and I stayed behind,I watched some TV and at some point I went to the guest room to slumber down....as I was laying there I heard the back...
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  • My Stories
    Good Morning Everyone, was going through my articles and noticed that someone didn't like one of them ,it was the first time someone gave it a thumbs down,I tossed and turned wondering who it could be..guessin I am an overly sensitive person,never thought it would effect me in this way,this is the one place where I can tell my experiences  and not worry about ridicule, of course not...
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  • Red Lights and Triangle
    Good Morning my Stellar friends !!   So, I was laying in bed around 9:30 and as I was laying there I saw a red object flying by I  got up and watched it, made no sound and was going pretty fast. I looked over to where it started from and saw what appeared to be 2 stars on top of each other, I grabbed my cheap bionoculars and looked up at it and it was a triangle shaped object, it...
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  • UFO ?
    Good Morning to all !!   I was sitting here at my desk and noticed a plane ?  I wasn't sure,I know all the flight patterns here. We have a small airport like many small towns and there are alot of those small noisey birds flying in a big circle,they always fly right over my apartment, and of course the Chem trail plane's fly high enough but you can't really see it,just a white...
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  • UFO Dream
    Good Morning my Stellar Friends, Had a dream last night...for some reason everyone started to gather together and we all started to walk in the same direction,we went to these underground tunnels, then all of a sudden all the men started shaving off there facial hair..lol..there were glipses of sky that we all saw, and at some point someone started screaming, I got a look outside and saw 1000,s...
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