Husband, father, grandfather, and friend, then comes all the stuff that attaches to you during your life. Your indoctrination, religious and education, oh yes don't forget my parent's shaping of behavior through punishment, the rewards hugs and play. The mysterious was sought out and a major focus of my youth. That was the case through high school, the Marines, and through college and some graduate school. Then came a jump back into the world when I met my wife. She is my grounding rod. Our love chained me to provide in a traditional way for our family. But the major experiences of my life were the many OOBEs and Lucid Dreams that kept reassuring me that this world is but a peek at the possible. These have been much more important than Master's Degrees and the PhD. I have consistently refused to buy the narrative of my culture, I have always sought my own interpretation of my world and will continue that quest. The exploration of consciousness has been my one undying passion for all of my 71 years. It is the one reality that I believe in and it is the one truth that affirms the fallacious nature of humankind's attempts at describing one reality everyone can share. With that said I only can add that I really enjoy this trip and with all my heart I sincerely hope you are enjoying yours.
  • Retired/GM/VP/COI at Desk/Manteca
  • Studied Psych/EdTech at CSUH/CSUSJ/GWU/TUI
    Class of 1973/1974/2002/2010
  • Lives in Stockton
  • From East Bay Area
  • Male
  • Married
  • December 11, 1946
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  • Peace
    Decided to come back to this space from a much quieter place. A place filled with love for those who surround me, a place without turmoil, a place without violence, a place without perceived injustice, a place without monetary concerns, a place without division. A place where everyone is free to think and express themselves whether it be in controlled spaces that serve an agenda or in rarefied...
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  • Matt is awake and explains his possible view on reality.
      Needed to add this eloquent theory on reality to my reality construction for my grandsons.
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  • Not negative this is just how things are
    Alexandra says: You don't have to wear a MAGA hat to grasp the Soviet-level wrongdoing of Barack Obama working in support of Hillary Clinton to cover up her crimes. Wielding John Brennan's CIA, Comey's FBI and the State Department's propaganda allocation, Obama gave us, among other things this castigating style of late night Politburo "comedy" and a bottomless pit of Fake News, to...
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  • Alexandra reports this . . . This really bothers me almost as much as 9-11
    The FBI announced case closed this past Tuesday on the October 2017 the Las Vegas shooting, which left 58 people dead and over 800 injured. They produced a 3-page report that did not identify a motive or establish any forensic connection between the alleged weapons and any of the victims. Indeed, there has been no forensic proof presented by either the Las Vegas police or the FBI that the...
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  • The Daily Bell weighs in on our fascist state
    STAFF NEWS & ANALYSIS Whatever Mueller Finds, Gag-Orders and No-Knock Raids Should Appall EVERYONE. By Joe Jarvis - January 30, 2019 I don’t care about Trump and his associates. And I can’t even muster the energy to comment on the Russia investigation. But I am appalled by the blase reaction of the news and public to no-knock raids and gag-orders....
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  • The Daily Bell weighs in on the government shutdown
    3 Ways the Government Shutdown forecasts a totally boring federal collapse By Joe Jarvis - January 22, 2019 Imagine: the federal government collapses, poof, gone. Maybe it’s 2034, the date the government admits it can’t pay it’s $50 trillion Social Security bill. Or maybe it’s earlier. The national debt is at almost $22 trillion, plus...
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  • Love this!
    Alexandra shares Greg Hunter: Daniel Estulin joins Greg Hunter for a blockbuster interview about the realpolitik that informs the strange behavior of politicians on the world stage.   He reminds viewers that he spent 24 years in Russian military counterintelligence and that he's also a Doctor of Conceptual Intelligence, trained to "create models that define the future of...
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  • Alexandra in the Morning shares Naomi Wolf's take on the latest gambit from the deep state
    Bestselling Third Wave Feminist, author and journalist, Naomi Wolf has spent most of her professional life as a darling of the Liberal establishment but she is its rare denizen who is more committed to the truth than to the approval of her peers.   Wolf's latest venture is called the Daily Clout, which makes tabled legislation easier to understand for the average citizen. In this...
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  • Wishing Everyone here a prosperous and joyful New Year
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