I'm an artist, truthseeker and visionary. An honest, sensitive, empathic idealist who believes he is here to help humanity realize it's potential. One of my goals - to use my love of art to inspire people. To invoke awe, wonder and capture positive emotions. Of course, nobody is here to usher in the golden age of humanity - alone. An age where we are truly free to explore not only the limitless nature of our consciousness, but also the universe - itself. I'm grateful there are so many of us out there and that I don't feel I have to push those who are not ready to hear the call. Positive shifts are happening. While I feel there is a place for sharing information with the uninformed, I've realized we have to be careful. I often choose a more subtle route; one where I demonstrate the level of being I believe we should be on by my actions and how I vocalize my ideas. Rather than pushing directly, I like to inspire people by how loving a person I am and how they may feel after talking to me. We have but to keep supporting one another and help out our siblings, who have yet to awaken. Peace, love and light. One universe, one mind.
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The true golden age of humanity is on the horizon. We are so close - we just need to keep speaking and sharing the truth. One day soon, the darkness will be no more and we will be truly free to live in peace, in harmony with the Earth and the rest of the universe...
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